How to Learn Sex Using Virtual Reality Chats for Adults

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How to Learn Sex Using Virtual Reality Chats for Adults


The physical basis of sexual intercourse is so natural that it does not require to be learned during school lessons along with the multiplication table and chemical formulas. Is it necessary to learn sex? Probably, every man will answer that he could become a teacher. But there is no limit to perfection, you always need to learn new things. So, to improve the quality of sexual life, you will have to improve sex education. Young inexperienced men with the help of adult VR chats can learn the right foreplay and sex techniques to prolong the pleasure for themselves and their partner, find erogenous zones and know how to stimulate them properly.




VR Chats for Adults Will Help You Learn a Lot


If you think that you are experienced enough and need no tips to improve your technique in bed, here is the harsh truth. You are very mistaken, sex lessons will come in handy for you, just like for everyone. New types of caresses are appreciated by women, and new techniques and sex toys have appeared. You can simply become hopelessly outdated if you do not constantly learn about sex. You can improve your sexual education at, choose any girl you like, and she will teach you all the intricacies of sexual skills.


In order not to attract a series of unsuccessful attempts to become a sexual giant, you must first of all completely forget about your bad experience. Ask a VR model to:

  • In order not to attract a series of unsuccessful attempts to become a sexual giant, you must first of all completely forget about your bad experience. Ask a VR model to:
  • Set you up for the positive. Ask your girlfriend to give you an erotic massage. A beautiful girl will diversify your leisure time and help you truly relax.
  • Discuss your sexual problems. Fear of failure in sex can go away just after a frank conversation with a woman who has a wealth of experience in dealing with men. Locked in themselves, men often do not hear and are simply afraid to hear what their woman thinks about what happened. If a man stops avoiding a conversation, or rather, he touches this topic himself, then the problem is solved by itself.
  • Talk about a woman's desires. As you know, in bed we all sometimes become too frank, telling things that it would be better to keep quiet about. But every woman has a few secrets. One of them is what she thinks about during sex. Voluntarily, no woman will reveal this terrible secret even to the most beloved man. However, after talking with the VR cam girl, you can find out what you are missing.



What Should Be Avoided?

Sometimes a woman can agree to intimacy without reaching the desired degree of arousal. This often happens with couples living together for a long time. If you don’t pay enough attention to foreplay, quickly upset your girlfriend, are not interested in her mood, don’t be surprised that during sex, she:

worries about the imperfection of her body - for example, that she missed a depilation session yesterday or about an extra pound;

mentally checks the ovulation schedule, figuring out how big the risk of getting pregnant today is;


thinking about what to cook for breakfast, or about a half-finished quarterly report.

She will never tell you about her thoughts because she wants to look passionate and sensual in your eyes. The best way to get a woman to think about sex during sex is to take her time and help her ignite the desire in return. How to do this? This is what experienced VR cam girls will help you with.


Where Else Can You Get Sex Lessons?

It is essential for a man to sexually satisfy his partner. The male ego speaks in him when the woman under him groans with pleasure, the guy experiences more pleasure than from the process itself. There are several additional options to learn sex:

  • Prostitutes. The first thing that comes to mind is experienced prostitutes who have learned the art of sex and are now ready to teach you. The easiest and most proven way, and most importantly - it always works!
  • Library. You returned to school, and you need to get knowledge from a book: the same Kamasutra, in which you can always find something new, or modern “50 shades ..”. Take your girlfriend to the library and you can start practical tasks among the distant bookcases.
  • Movie. A good erotic film can teach you a lot of new things in terms of sex techniques, foreplay and partner arousal. However, you don’t have to learn everything from porn. In a movie, they always succeed, but in real life, you may be disappointed.
  • Internet. In the age of technology, we can get all the knowledge virtually. Why not try to use the knowledge of others? Many sites give practical advice on how to prolong sexual intercourse, how to please your partner and other similar lessons.
  • Practice. As a good student, you should attend practical classes to consolidate the material and gain new knowledge. Meet girls, flirt with them and you will succeed.
  • Sign up for courses. Yes, you may be surprised, but there are such sex gurus who are ready to share their skills with you for money. Master classes can be virtual and real, for women, men and couples. Do not expect practical classes, but from the theory, you can learn new caress techniques, erotic massage, and prolongation of pleasure. Sign up for courses with your girlfriend, and during breaks, you can retire to consolidate the material.


Men love sex, and women value emotional attachment more, these are common truths. Men see sex as a holiday, preferably every day. They are straightforward and unbridled in their needs. To feel confident and comfortable, they need regular sex and there should be more than one partner, this is ideal. Sex for a man is an animal's instinct. They get degrees, explore space, and split the atom, but at the sight of a sexy girl, nature returns a man to his roots. To keep your sex life bright and varied, it is crucial to constantly learn something new. VR models from the Dreamcam portal will help you with this.

Posted by PornSheriff on November 15, 2022
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