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Fucking an Escort Is Better Than Watching Porn

I know what you're thinking. You've been on a porn site for too long, and now you want to get your dick wet with a hot escort. Fret not, my dear fellow porn enthusiast, for I, PornSheriff, bring you nothing but the sexiest porn and the naughtiest escort bitches in the world. And, since we live in the 21st century, what better way to find an escort than to go to escort sites? That's right. The easiest way to find the best escort to fuck her brains out is by browsing a site. It's like jerking off to porn, except this time, you get to shove your dick in a real pussy or get a real blowjob.

Of course, one of the biggest questions for many people would be how much these escort ladies charge. And, well, there's no definitive answer to that because it depends on many factors. For instance, a simple blowjob would cost much less than a whole night of hardcore sex. It also depends on what escort sites you're using because the price varies from site to site. Finally, one of the biggest factors is your location. If we're talking about US escort services, prices can go as low as 40-50 bucks but also go upwards of $500 per hour. And I don't need to tell you there's a humongous difference between the cheapest and the most expensive escort.

Speaking of location, you're probably wondering whether your place has them in any capacity. Well, if you're in one of the bigger countries, the US included, there's no need to panic. In the United States, you can also get escort services from some of the biggest pornstars in the industry. Of course, you'll have to spend a fine dollar on an escort site, but you'll get to be serviced by not just any hooker. If there's one type of escort who will give you the best blowjob of your life before even better sex, then it would be a pornstar who fucks for a living. Having a crush on a pornstar, jerking off to it daily, and then getting to ram her ass and watch her scream in pleasure is a life-changing experience.

Considering escort services are the oldest line of work in the world, don't be surprised if you find a hooker or two, even in the most remote places. It might take a bit of work to find an escort in a smaller town, but it can be a rewarding experience nonetheless. That's where I'll circle back to all the differences between online pornography and sex with an escort. Even if you're coming from a smaller place in a third-world country, don't be disheartened. There are usually escort sites to guide you towards picking a fine escort that will swallow your cum. It's never been easier to hire a hooker to fuck her brains out. You guys have it easy because back in the day, it took quite a bit of hassle for newbies to get to a good hooker.

The biggest escort sites cover a lot of ground. Just like with regular porn sites, there are plenty of options that you can use to fine-tune your search. Find a hooker based on her age, appearance, location, price, sex preferences, and more. It's like finding a good porn video, except this adventure ends with you going balls deep inside a dripping wet pussy or a tight asshole. So, the next time you're feeling horny and your cock starts to throb, instead of going to that free porn tube site with all the same videos, check out one of the escort sites and see if some sexy hooker strikes your fancy.

There's an Escort Babe for Everything

An amazing thing about the escort profession is that there are so many bitches in the business. Even I was surprised when I realized there were some MILFs in my area ready to go down and dirty. Of course, I didn't find them through some shitty ad on a porn site but one of the verified escort sites. There's no better way to find the best escort services than through a trusted site. Luckily, I have a whole bunch of them for you, and I guarantee you'll have as much fun going through them as I did.

The first thing you'll notice not long after diving into the escort services site will be how much variety there is. It's impossible not to find a hooker according to your tastes. You could be the filthiest, most perverted bloke in the world, and there would be an escort with a kinky personality to match yours. That's why one of the smartest things you could do before hiring someone on an escort site is to look up all the possibilities. You don't want to choose an absolute beauty of an escort, only to learn that she doesn't take it in the ass.

What most people immediately pay attention to on an escort site is the appearance of an escort. We are visual beings, and we want that escort pussy to belong to a dashing escort. If you're perusing quality escort sites, the looks of those escort chicks should not be a problem. The only thing left for you to do is find the perfect escort on a site. Some people love blondes; others are into redheads. Some prefer big tits to small ones, or they'd much rather an escort come with a bald pussy instead of keeping it neatly trimmed. It's like playing a video game and creating a perfect character, only it's an escort, and the endgame is you fucking her.

When you've found the perfect-looking, best escort for you on an escort site, ensured that she's in your area and has all those kinks and attributes to your liking, it's time to leap. Turn that porn video you've been watching off and preserve that load of cum for her wet cherry, tight asshole, or slutty mouth. Follow the instructions to get that escort to your place or arrange a meeting somewhere you'd like. From there on out, nothing stops you from going to town on that sweet escort pussy.

Be Smart About Hiring an Escort

There are a couple of pieces of advice PornSheriff can give you if it's your first time hiring an escort to drain your balls. For starters, keep in mind that prostitution is illegal in many places. That might sound like a shocker considering I spent the last half an hour convincing you to get an escort. Naturally, there are legal loopholes and even though hiring a hooker is illegal, getting a companion isn't. Need I remind you that the escort business is the oldest line of work in the world? It's never going to disappear.

However, keep that bit of information on your mind when you talk to an escort to arrange a meeting. Don't go full sex talk mode, talking about filth and perversion. Know the lingo and be subtle about it. Instead of crudely asking an escort about her blowjob proficiency, gently hint at oral skills. I'm not the one to tell you how to live your life, but you don't want to fuck things up before you've even started.

Another important thing is to go to verified escort sites for the best escort services. Enjoying some shady stuff hoping to save a buck or two on an escort blowjob might just earn you an STD. People like me know where to look for an escort and how to spot a good deal, a fine escort, and a proper service. If you're new to this escort thing, follow the lead of those with more experience, and you'll do just fine. This article exists to point out how easy it is to get an escort through escort sites, so why would you make it more difficult and not go through a site?

As far as the non-essential escort advice goes, I can tell you that the TS escort bitches are on the rise. The vast majority of escort sites have these escort ladies in their galleries, among all the others. If you want to completely switch things up and go for something much more exotic, I'd suggest looking up escort shemales. They know their way around, and I can guarantee you've never experienced anything like it.

Finally, it all boils down to your tastes and preferences. With so many escort bitches out there, you can effortlessly choose between cheaper and more expensive ones, classy MILFs, and sexy teens. There are even virgins if that's what gets you going. Fucking an escort is a fun pastime that you can do at home or while traveling. Best escort ladies make fine traveling companions, and you can book them in advance if you know you'll be visiting their area.

The one thing with escort services remains certain, and that's quality. Watching porn on a site is incomparable to fucking an escort. Not just that, but it's usually better than fucking a non escort bitch. Would your wife, girlfriend, or one-night stand chick do all that nasty and kinky shit you could get from an experienced escort? I don't think so.

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