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Only Those With Refined Taste Can Be Friends Of The Sheriff

In this category, you will be able to find sites that are close friends of the sheriff, one that I would gladly spend some time with at the saloon. To end up on this list is a prestigious achievement, as not many get the honor of ending up in this category. Only those who have gone through the same trouble, the same porn searching crusade can be found here, so I can easily recommend that you check them out.

I see My Friends As My Deputies

As experienced as a porn sites reviewer as I am, sometimes the sheriff needs help to run a town, which is why he has a deputy and some others for that role. There is so much bad porn that has to be put into porn jail, like the archived category, but I must admit, I cannot do it alone. While I tend to cover quite a lot of porn sites myself, the sheriff's friends, too, are participating in cleaning up the mess that the shitty sites are leaving in their trail of trying to waste people’s time with its bad content.

Check Out My Friends If You Need More Porn

As I already said, busting all the bad porn sites is a hard job, and I cannot do it myself, which is why I have friends. While spending time at the saloon with them is fine and all, the best time is when they tell me the stories of how they, too, found some shitty sites who had showered them in disgust and insulted them before they took them in.

If you want to see some additional reviews of all kinds of porn sites, you have to check out my friends, as they have their own way of taking down bad porn that is plaguing the internet. Some of them are quite old-fashioned and brutally honest, while other ones are very passionate and full of character, they are loveable people, which is why I don’t mind them having them at my saloon table.

Friends Will Cover Those Who Escaped My Wrath

Due to the number of filthy websites, some of them manage to escape my wrath as other ones get in my way, but that is what friends are here for. If you do not find a review on my site, you will most likely find it on theirs. If the site you are looking for is good, they will let you know all about it, but if it is shit, you should prepare yourself because if you think my wrath is harsh, you should see some of the things they write. Even though i am the fucking King and facing sheriff around these ends.

Having friends like this is quite nice because you never know when a bunch of bad mofo porn sites is going to start a shootout at the saloon we are chilling at, and having a backup as good as them is always appreciated.

Meta desc: The Friends category is reserved for those who impressed the sheriff by being sites with good content during his mission to find the best porn sites out there.

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