Dirty Diary Of A Horny Little Schoolgirl

Yeah, yeah, yeah, You can call me a perv, but I know you are into it as well. You know what I'm talking about, the filthy and young and gorgeous and tempting and adorable little school angels that wear those mini skirts and they smell fresh and their pussies simply crave my dick inside. Oh, I could go on for hours. It is that inspired me as they made it so realistic, as if you hacked into an online sex diary of a young teen. It is all pink, with flowers, little birds, and all of a sudden, there is a hardcore sex tape of a slutty girl bending over the teacher's desk as he slams her while his balls slap that cute little booty. If I were a teacher, I would make all the sluts sign up for a special extracurricular activity - blowjob after school sessions. If any among you are teachers, do tell me how slutty these angels are, really. I had to pick up my niece from school the other day, and boy, her friends were checking me out big time. The next day I went back and the next thing I remember, two of them were blowing me in the restroom. Those are the kind of things you get here at Afterschoolsex.

Let Me Crawl Under The Sexy School Uniform

I guess teen Asian porn works for everyone. What's there not to like about youngsters craving a real dick to sit on? I'd give them anything they ask of me. And this site is done so smoothly, I didn't even mind the censored parts as the whole story is uplifting and much arousing. I was cumming in waves all the time. The only thing I need is more of the after school sex videos, as there is not enough for me. But what I did see blew me off. It is the exact kind of sex ed I thought I was gonna get back in my school days, which was very recent btw. But life had other plans for me, so I had to learn it all by myself, however there were hundreds if not thousands of lovely babes that I picked up along the way of becoming the porn master. If only I had this sexy Asian porn site back in those days. 

Practical Sex Ed

Needless to say, but since this is a premium site, all their content is exclusive. And their stories are great, as well as the actual fuck scenes. And another thing I loved was how many of the kittens have little bushes between their legs. Boy that was crazy as I love it furry down there. If they do wish to implement more practical sex education in their Asian schools, sign me up! We shall call it sex after school, or maybe interactive homework, that you can also finish up on the school premises. Ain't that a good one? Follow my petition and check for inspiration! 


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