The Sheriff Destroyed All Sphincters In Anal Simulation 

I have a big problem, mofo. The truth is, I don’t always fuck town whores in the ass. They want to, don’t get me wrong. The sheriff doesn’t have that problem like all the hubbies who only get the ass on their birthday. The problem is my dick. Is too big, mofo. No matter how hard I try, almost no ass in town can take it. Only the fat chicks and the old cougar whores have asses big enough for the sheriff’s dick. And you know that I like myself young and firm butt cheeks. And that’s why I love the Anal Simulation games just as much as a sex starved husband. And I’m going to tell you all about my virtual anal experience in this review. 

My Thirst For Fucking Asses Was Satisfied With This Game

As you know, not only that I fuck chicks three times a day, but I also jerk off four hours every night to online porn. That means porn galleries, movies, erotica stories, live adult cams and all the games worth playing. In all my nights I’ve never found the anal content to make me cum hard and have me feel like I’ve actually fulfilled my fantasy. Until I came across Anal Simulation. First of all, the game is in POV, and if you play it on a big screen, you will feel like you’re actually your avatar. If you have a slut maid like I have to jerk your cock while you play games, your mind won’t make the difference between virtual and real anal sex action. 

What’s satisfying besides realistic graphics are the babes you get to fuck are also customisable. You get to choose from so many types of anal sluts. You get the teens, the MILFs, the Asians, blacks and Latinas. You even get to fuck Muslim girls and Indian chicks. And it’s not a game that just changes faces. Their asses are different, mofos. The Asians are so tight and they cry when you fuck them hard, the Latinas and Black chicks are twerking on your dick and the Arab and Indians are submissive sluts who learned their place and learned to like it. And don’t even get me started with the parody zone, mofo. There are cartoon chicks, anime babes, all kinds of hot sluts from movies and even some celebrities.

The Graphics, Gameplay And Sounds Are All On Point

The chicks are awesome and plentiful, with their asses big and their holes tight. But that wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t for all the work of the creators who spent time on details and finely tunning all movements, Anal Simulation wouldn’t have been such a realistic virtual experience. The first thing I noticed was the gaping. After you take your cock out the ass, it stays opened for a while. Facial expressions are also well synced with how hard you drill the butts. And the girls moan loud or cry depending on if they like it or not. I’m telling you, bucko. You won’t need the two-minute birthday anal from your old broad when you can play this game every night. And every night you can have a different experience. 


  • Pros

    Awesome Anal Screams

  • Pros

    Cum Blasts On Faces

  • Pros

    Cross Platform Play


  • Cons

    Makes Players Cum Too Quickly

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