AndroidAdult.Com Lets You Experience Adult PC Games On Your Phone

It is no secret that when it comes to adult games, most of them are available for the PC. Not only because developers can have an easier time programming these games but also because PCs are more powerful, and thus they allow developers to get away with some optimisation and they can also use better models to make unforgettable sex scenes. Of course, not everyone has time to spend in front of their PC to browse porn games, which is where Android Adult comes in, as they allow users to download and play games on their mobile phone that they have ported to the platform from PC.

Do Not Let The Android Adult’s Outdate Design Stop You

As the porn Sheriff, one thing that I really pay attention to when browsing through porn sites is the design, as I love when everything has its place, when it looks modern, and most importantly when it looks interesting. At first sight, AndroidAdult did not really look that great, as the design looked like something that someone created with a free website maker within five minutes. With that in mind, when they claim that they are porting PC games to mobile, I would not believe it since their site does not look that great.

However, there is a specific charm to this site, as it kind of has the simplicity of an app store. There are only a few menus to go through, but everything is more or less where it should be. One thing that I am not a fan of is that there are no menus that can filter games that are free for everyone, and there is no search function of any kind, which really sucks.

Most Games At AndroidAdult Require A Membership

Considering that they are doing quite an amazing job at porting games from PC to mobile, one would not expect that there is free content of any kind. However, there are a few completed games that anyone can download, but you should be prepared for ads and a lot of time wasted searching for that free content.

The VIP membership costs $1 per month or $10.20 for the whole year. That is honestly a price that is absolutely astonishing, considering the content they are providing to lovers of porn games. With the VIP membership, you will get access to the Android APP, you will receive notifications for updates, you can download all the games, you will have no ads, and of course, you can make requests about which games they should port.

Some Ports By Android Adult Are Remarkable

I have spent quite a lot of time playing adult porn games, both out of pleasure and for the sake of these reviews. However, some PC games that I played, I would never expect to be playable on my mobile device. does a fantastic job at porting these games, especially ones that have full voice acting and amazing graphics.


  • Pros

    Games Ported From PC To Mobile

  • Pros

    Big Selection Of Games

  • Pros

    Good Mobile App


  • Cons

    Free Membership Has Limited Options

  • Cons

    No Search Options Via The Website

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