Luscious sluts have their red ass cheeks spanked!

Exclusive hardcore spanking videos with ravishing babes... Want to hear more? Of course you fucking do! And I am here to tell you more. In fact, I will talk about a site, a site called Assume the Position Studios... Yes, the name is a bit weird, and it's not really catchy, but give these folks a chance! There are plenty of goodies here, but if you are unsure about visiting this site, my review will tell you why you should do it. First of all, this is a very cheap site. Most bitches charge 30 bucks a month for their porn services, and when I say bitches, I mean smut studios. Compared to Assume the... Dang it, don't make me type this motherfucker once again! It's too fucking long! But compared to this bitch, these other bastards seem like greedy motherfuckers. This premium site costs only 18 bucks a month, and 60 fucking dollars for a whole year! If you really want to watch sluts being spanked, and that is your little sweet fetish, 60 bucks sounds like a too good a deal to not take advantage of it. I liked this site the second I visited it... They are boring because they have some text no one really wants to read, but boy, were those butt cheeks luscious! You have a lot of thumbnails here, a really tempting ones, with famous sluts like Casey Calvert. Their bare bottoms are everything! Some of these ladies are not that well-known, but hey... Some of these sluts are still trying to make a name for themselves. 

A hot site with steamy scenes you don't want to miss!

It only took me a look of the site to deduce that this place is too fucking juicy. The thumbnails reveal it all. The naked stunners are bent over, looking alluring in their upskirts, with their sexy legs and succulent ass cheeks... The titles are OK, they are enticing enough, and the layout is not bad. I've seen better, but I've also seen worse, if you want me to be honest. Scroll down and you will see the model section, where the most popular bimbos are waiting for you, all lined up and horny. Well, I hope they are horny! Otherwise, what's the fucking point of all this? To these stunners, spanking is that perfect act that spices up a sex life. They don't mind having their asses red, and they aren't afraid of little pain. You should know that all these videos are exclusive, genuine and super-sexy! The production values are high, and all the girls are professionals. All the girls look sexy to me, even though I am someone who has fucked so many women they started to look all the same! After 2343rd, I stopped noticing their faces. You probably still notice these things because you fucked 0 women, loser! You will never be like sheriff, it's only one sheriff here. What woman would fuck you after she had been with me, anyway?
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  • Pros

    Luscious sluts we know and love

  • Pros

    A good layout

  • Pros

    It's fucking cheap!

  • Pros

    Answers all your spanking kinks


  • Cons

    No previews to show us the sexiest video parts

  • Cons

    The organisation could be better

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