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First time ballbusting and more on Ballbustingtube

God damn, what is so hot about porn that emasculates dudes?! So, we have porn like the one you will find on BallBustingTube, and this is some femdom shit, where bitches are dominant and punish men, do lots of things that humiliate them and stuff like that. I mean, as an alpha male, the sheriff, someone who always fucks bitches who want to please me, I let no woman emasculate me! If a bitch is too fucking sexy, maybe a spank or two would be OK. But that is just because that bitch was hot as hell! But to let a bitch torture me and slap me, make me wear a fucking collar like a dog, be her slave?! That's more something you would like, mofo! If you ever find a GF! For pals like you, it's not that easy. But it's not easy to be the sheriff, either! Bitches always chase me, they always want a piece of the sheriff, and they are wild and insane! Ain't nobody got time for needy bitches! So, yeah! Ball Busting Tube... What do we have here? You have femdom, some ballbusting hentai scenes, first time ballbusting, ballbusting manga, ballbusting cartoon

and ebony ballbusting flicks! Like it? There's nothing here that grabs my attention too much, but I am an open-minded pal, I get that some weirdo's enjoy this type of porn. And I do promise the best BDSM porn I can find! If you check out, you won't get disappointed.

No place for softies

No cutting slack, these mistresses want their fuck pals to suffer! No softcore bullshit, no empathy, no compassion, just pure power! These badass women are nasty and when they start humiliating and punishing, they will bust balls and it will be unforgettably painful! Cuddly stuff on Ballbustingtube? Don't kid like that, kid! The stuff you will see here is fucking brutal! These dominas are so fucking merciless, I swear I sometimes think they will bite these cocks off! It is a diverse site, though... You will find lots of juicy scenes here, all free of charge! These bitches are generous with giving free movies, but you should know that some of these videos are simply too lame. They are homemade and the quality is shitty. But hey, amateur BDSM porn! It's your lucky day, mofo! Now you know where your like-minded pals can be found! I bet you hide a whip somewhere in your closet, and you are waiting for the right domina to use it on you! I am a fucking mind reader, I know you inside out! Maybe sometimes you make a porno and upload it on Ballbustingtube? Life is full of surprises! But at this moment, it would be too big a fucking surprise if you ever find a boo! What lady would want to be with you? Everyone will forget about you when they see the sheriff, but I am not letting any bitch whip me, no sir!


  • Pros

    The site has variety, which is cool

  • Pros

    Free BDSM movies with femdom scenes

  • Pros

    Amateur BDSM porn


  • Cons

    Ads and fucking popups

  • Cons

    Shitty low-quality homemade clips

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