Play BDSM Simulator To See What Happens In My Jail

The sheriff played BDSM Simulator already and that’s how the ideas on what to do with all the whores who were caught stealing from their clients after they were fucked. You can see what happens to a jailed broad in my town if you play the game too. I give you the honor to play the same porn games I play, and you even get to play them for free. That’s because I want to turn everyone in these parts into a dominator. And if you’re a sissy sub, don’t worry. The game has an option that will let you play from the perspective of a slave. This is the most complex and exciting BDSM simulator you will find on the web.

Enjoy Any Kind Of Bondage Fantasy With BDSM Simulator

This game gives you endless possibilities of dominator fun. First of all, it will let you play as either a master or a mistress. As a master, you will have the chance to fuck some chained and roped slave girls however you want. Fuck their pussies, fuck their asses, make them gag while pushing your dick down their throats and humiliate them with massive cumshots. You can even spank, slap and whip them until their cry. Show no mercy because the kinks are unlimited in this game. But you can also play as a dominatrix. You get to punish these babes in lezdom action, with strap ons and everything. But there’s also male domination and sissy training in which your strap on will peg the ass of a helpless man and in which you can also experiment with cock and balls torture. And if you want to play as a slave, you can play as a slave girl or a slave man. 

This Game Is So Realistic That Some People Can’t Play It

Before the sheriff sends you to the virtual dungeon, he must let you off with a warning. This game is way too realistic. The screams and cries for help will make you think that the virtual slaves are actually real. Some players even feel sorry for them and they stop enjoying the game. Some other players even get offended. If you’re a sensitive little sissy then you shouldn’t even hit the play button. Anyone getting offended in my town gets put right in prison next to those thieving whores, where they will get the same treatment as the slaves in this game. But if you’re all about the hardcore action, then please proceed. The game needs no download or installation. It will work perfectly on any browser and on any device, no matter if it is a computer or a mobile one. But what the sheriff recommends is to play this game with headphones on. The screams in it and all the sound effects might make your neighbours think that you’re torturing someone in your home and they might send a SWAT team to your door.
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  • Pros

    Realistic Slave Screams

  • Pros

    Multiple Perspective Gameplay

  • Pros

    Merciless Sex Torture


  • Cons

    Too Violent For Some Players

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