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BlackMaleMe… What a cool name for a premium gay porn site! I think this is my favourite gay porn site so far just because of this awesome name! Well, that is not the only thing I like on this website. There are actually many yays, and I don’t think there is a nay. Well, a nay is always the fact that gay sites are not for everyone. They are not for straight sex addicts, that’s for sure. But maybe not even that is entirely true! I think they did research on straight dudes and their porn preferences, and you would be surprised to learn how many of them admitted liking gay porn! It’s easier to be honest when you are anonymous! So, when I say gay porn is not for straight folks, that is a lie! Many dudes who are as straight as a ruler spend more time on gay porn sites than you would expect! And with sites like BlackMaleMe, even the straightest of straight men would feel like gay porn from time to time! This site is just way too delicious! The name, the content, the layout – like I said, all the yays! 

A Site Featuring Gay Men Of Color 

Here’s what you should know – BlackMaleMe producers also produce sites like and SeanCody! These are all premium gay porn sites, and the content is remarkable on every single one of them! But BlackMaleMe is a bit different because here you have interracial action! Everything is hardcore, and you mostly have black gay dudes that fuck white dudes, or Latinos or other ebony hunks! And there’s a theme – this element of blackmailing, so every video is similar. You have dudes that are more powerful than the ones they want to fuck, so they blackmail them and that is how they drill these bottoms! There are many videos, and their updates are regular. Just like the videos, the models are exclusive and everything that you see here is only found on this website. The site is mobile-friendly and all the perks that members get on other premium porn sites, they get here as well! And speaking of other premium porn sites, check out my premium hardcore porn list ! I don’t mean to brag, but I have sites so yummy that you will feel like splashing out on all of them! 

Pay And Play, Bitch! 

The site is not expensive, so you won’t pay through the nose for these full HD gay videos. But when is porn ever expensive, really? Find me a porn site that you can’t afford! Even college students who still don’t have their own salaries can afford porn, and maybe that is why everyone fucking loves this industry! Porn makes the world go round, no matter what some stupid old songs say! Straight porn, lesbian porn, gay porn… Just gimme porn! I hope you will find this review useful enough. I mean, the site is great – what else do you fucking need to know?


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    Full HD Gay Porn

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    A Great Network

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    Great Prices

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    I Guess Everything's In Order

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