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Just the other day, I was thinking about art and how I love the contrast of black and white, and that's when I ran into BlacksOnCougars. Granted, a huge black dick in a dripping wet, white pussy wasn't precisely the artistry I had in mind - it was even better! Suddenly, I felt my massive cock waking up from slumber and poking his way out of my pants. Over the years, I learned to trust this advisor of mine, and that's when I dove balls deep into the world of white MILF BBC action. Because of that, I wasn't at all surprised when the first video on the list made me stroke one out and shoot a gallon of jizz all over the screen. If only that blonde bitch could taste my cum dripping all over her face and tits... Anyhow, all of that made me confident this place was one of a kind and worth exploring.

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It's hard to point out what got me hooked to Blacks On Cougars. On the one hand, my artistic soul loves the look of a large black schlong penetrating a white bitch. On the other, a dirty pervert in me enjoys those moans and screams of pleasure as a horny, curvy mommy feels helpless while having all of her tight holes ravaged. Every video on this porn site is a masterpiece. There's already so much content, and all clips are already in HD. With constant updates, it only gets better. There's always a new MILF hottie around the corner that looks so breathtaking you'll instantly whip it out and jerk off on her looks alone. That is even before you realise she's preparing to take one, two, or even more BBCs simultaneously. Gangbangs and double penetration are not a rare sight in Blacks on Cougars porn videos. The rougher and more hardcore fucking with these sluts, the better the scene.

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Some are shy and don't want to admit it, others openly ask for it, but all those lustful mommies out there would die to experience a big black cock. Now, even though those schlongs don't come close in size compared to mine, I still have to give it to the guys and applaud the effort. Not everyone is capable of making a pornstar with years of experience and a body of a sex goddess scream in pleasure. With all that being said, MILFs BBC combination is not that rare in hardcore pornography. However, few do it as well as BlacksOnCougars. I was genuinely struggling while doing the review because I kept going back and forth between writing, jerking off, and calling my bitch over because the content was so good I had to keep cumming. MILF and black cock is the basis, but there's everything from blowjobs and blowbangs to balls deep anal, hardcore double penetration, and much more.


  • Pros

    So Many Curvy MILFs And Huge Black Dicks

  • Pros

    Watch The Most Famous Pornstars In The Industry

  • Pros

    Bitches Even Do Hardcore Double Penetration While Smiling


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    These Guys Almost Have Dicks As Big As Mine

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