I'll Get Straight To The Point - I Came On Black Valley Girls

College black teen pussy! Yummy! I mean, yall know that any woman is my type, as long as there is something soft and moist between her legs. But I do prefer hot black pussy from time to time. So damn exotic! Black Valley Girls is where I found ebony ladies who twerk their asses off until the white dude explodes with sticky cum. Yup. The same way I crave dark twats, Whisky, and a good bar brawl. The whole concept they have, suburban black hotties getting dick spoiled by a white dude in POV was why I was checking Blackvalleygirls. As a result - I am drooling about ebony cuties right now! The damn site is so easy to navigate and get to the jizz of it all, that I had to blast one off like Sputnik. Blackvalleygirls porn got under my veins fast and it even made them fill up with blood. Boy, I tell ya, you can actually feel those tight pussies slide down your own cock as you watch these videos but read on...

Zippers Down - The X Factor Is Present 

The next best thing that you can get beside a horny Black Valley girl is - two horny Black Valley girls! That's right! The Sheriff wants to see it go threeway. Now I wandered all over the site looking for a threeway video and couldn't find one. The ones that I did find were all with a storyline and I gotta tell ya, these rock! The anticipation of these skanks getting boned got me harder than a mother fucker! I imagined how these black college doozies would suck my dick and how I'd cum deep inside of them. Man, that way too real! And I didn't even watch this black hood porn yet! That's the crazy part. So I have to give it up to, they did a fan-fucking-tastic job with the content. It has life to it, zest, awesome bitches, and that always elusive X factor that so many studios can't nail down. Well, the Sheriff is here to tell you - this site has it! 

Mmm, Girls On Girls Too - Lesbians Eat Muff In PoV 

Sucking pussy juices is my expertise. I just had to say it. Now, in case you somehow don't think there is variety on Blackvalleygirls, let me tell you something. These girls love girly action as well! Oh yes. Lesbians! It is not only the white cock they are after but pale pussy, too. Now you can check out the models section and see in the videos which ones are lesbian clips because their search engine is horrible. No tags, no Kws, no nothing! Seems they have been lazy with the nerd part of the site. I can't blame them. With so much hot black pussy for only $30 a month, I'd make the same mistake too! Matter of fact, I'll go amateur on y'all and cut this review short right here to shoot one out on these hotties. Fuck this shit, I'm out!


  • Pros

    Young Ebony Pussy All Over The Place

  • Pros

    The Chicks Love It Wild

  • Pros

    Curves Everywhere


  • Cons

    No Bad Words About This One

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