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Bonga Cams

BongaCams... What is this shit anyway? 'is it good?

If you like giving bitches tokens to see them cum hard, know that BongaCams is a site for you. So, what do we have here? First of all, you have super sexy sluts who are nasty and here because they have some serious father issues... I mean, these hoes want attention so bad they will do everything to please you and get your tokens. They will strip, finger their cunts, toy their cunts, lick toys after putting them in asses... To be honest, I don't know if this is something to judge or admire. Are they desperate for attention, not thinking so highly of themselves? Or are they just hypersexual goddesses who are confident enough to be who they are, reveal their weirdest kinks to strangers? Let's be honest here, this is a tough choice to make... Judge or admire? Since I am a smut freak myself, I will always tell you to just admire them. I mean, not everyone has the confidence to get naked in front of all these strangers and just be this dirty. You need to be a real freak, you need to be very libidinous, very passionate. This is some good food for thought. Would you be able to do it? You are probably one of those freaks who just never gets out of his room, always sticky and messy, from watching all this cummy content. Hey, be whoever the fuck you are. It's your business, but at least we have something in common. We like naked sluts, and we like sex shows. Otherwise, you wouldn't even be here.

Female sluts or male sluts?

If you do treat your babes well and give them tokens, know that they will really go wild for you. Private live streams, free token incentives - these are some things you can count on here. Sure, there are ads here you might notice that might bother you, but try focusing on what's great here - loads of shows, cam shows that are unforgettable, definitely worth your while. You can create an account here and this will help you deal with ads... They will disappear, so this won't be an issue anymore. Once you do it, just know that every single hour you have many live shows you can enjoy, so it doesn't even matter where you come from, the babes are always active here, at least some of them. If you look at the tabs, you will see you have some ways to filter the results here. This is always a great feature, don't you agree? You can just choose females, considering you like to fuck female bitches only. There is an option to stare at gay dudes, for those who are into that shit and all. I mean, it's not for me - this stallion only boinks sluts with pussies. But those who are into gay sluts can just choose this filter and you will see all the shows you need.

What I don't like about this site

Cheapskates and bitches who are tight with money can use the site for free, but know that BongaCams hate guests, and they will do whatever is in their power to get you hooked. In the end, you will pay them. It's just how things go here, or you won't be able to take delight in the shows. I do think this is a good deal, though. Some sites have more babes, and perhaps their guest usage is better thought-through... There are sites with fewer ads, or no ads at all, and BongaCams do have a lot of them, so this might be an issue for you... Also, to be able to use many of these features here, you need to pay more than you would expect. So yeah, these bitches are pricey, for the rich kids... I can afford it, but can you? But none of these things even matter, the worst thing about this site is that your ad blocker needs to be disabled. All the paying members can relax and unzip, because a lot of great features are waiting for them here. No frustration, which means no ads, a lot of hotties, a lot of shows that are simply worth seeing... I think this is something you should consider. Seriously, BongaCams is one of those sites that you know of and they are doing it right. I think I got you interested, but check it out and decide if you like it or not.


  • Pros

    HD streams

  • Pros

    Gorgeous bitches

  • Pros

    Great paying system

  • Pros

    Awesome features if you pay


  • Cons


  • Cons

    Lots of ads

  • Cons

    Limited guest usage

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