Giving some to get some on BootyTape

I have to be honest with you, mofo. When I first entered the site Booty Type, I thought it was a horror site. It just looks so dark and mysterious. Everything is black, and you will see two faces of two women who are both dark, brunettes, and they don't look happy. One of them doesn't look sad either, the other one kind of looks sad. Or just confused. But, this is not a horror site. It's a porn site, torrent porn site. Yeap, what weird things we can find on the web today! This is a site that uses Bittorrent Technology and this is how the files get shared. When you download something, you upload it to the site at the same time, so people can download from your device. And you have to upload files here if you want to download them, so you need to give some to get some. Everytime you upload 100GB, you need to give these folks 50GB back! It's how they work and how everyone should do it. To use this site, you need to be an active user and give them what they fucking want all the time! If you don't give them anything, they will delete your account, like it was never even there. I don't get these guys! So, they are only generous if you are fucking generous as well. But, what to give them? BootyTape looks weird, and everything here is fucking weird. I don't see that other porn torrent sites work that way.

What can you find on

If you type vixen torrent or bootytape xxx, you can find interesting things on this little site. The site is filled with some keywords, like amateur and homemade, so it looks like they really wanted a good SEO for amateur porn. But other than that, I don't have much to say about this site. If you ask me what I like here, I don't really know. What I hate here? I don't really know! It's a simple site that just wants people to give, so that they could give back. The movies you will see here are homemade sex tapes, and you can find specific things if you type the keywords in their search box. Being a user of the site is totally free, and they give us 10 attemps to try to become a user! This is so fucking annoying. Why would they limit us this way? Now that I know that, I feel intense and I know I must do what they say or they will kick me out. This is definitely not like any other smut site. I think these folks want to play with our minds. First they give us that dreadful horror-movie design, then this... It's pure horror, indeed! But I guess it's cool if you want homemade sex tapes with horny amateurs. Once you are a member, you can download whatever you want, everyhting can go to your stash!

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  • Pros

    It's a free site

  • Pros

    You can download amateur flicks

  • Pros

    It's definitely different


  • Cons

    The site looks dreadful

  • Cons

    You have 10 attempts at becoming a user here

  • Cons

    You need to upload your content to get theirs

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