Bromo.Com Is Your Number One Website For Well-Muscled Gay Porn 

Gays are not that sexy to the sheriff, but if they are to you, check out! If you like those dudes with a strong muscle outline in their stomachs, those who look like they exercise a lot and those who are well-muscled and all, the models on are very much like that. They look very masculine and they have thick members, but the assholes are so tiny that to me, all this boy-on-boy action looks… not enjoyable. But from what I see when I watch trailers and the previews, they take delight in having their puckered little bottom holes dicked! It’s incessant, it’s hardcore, it’s definitely wild and juicy! I even caught myself gawking at these videos, even though I am as straight as a ruler. But trust me when I say so, I know most gay people say it, trying to persuade others they are not gay. I am not gay, but I do support them! I do like pansexual people, historical figures and artists, celebs and scientists who liked to experiment with their sexuality. But if you like porn and pornstars, you can’t really be a queerophobe and support only one sexuality option. And when you write about various categories of porn, that kinda broadens your horizons! 

The Scenes Look Expensive And High-Quality 

These hunks sure know how to put on a show for us! I mean, you. I would say they invest a lot in their scenes, just like on other premium gay sites from my list. There is a scene with Adrian Hart and Chris Damned, and one of these dudes is in prison. You know, as a convict. In that dreadful orange uniform that actually looks good on him, but it doesn’t on everyone. So, this is actually an interracial gay flick on I don’t know who’s who because I don’t know much about gay pornstars, but both dudes look like hot pieces of ass to me. And one of them is a convict, the other is a lawyer. Now, I am not going to watch the whole flick, but I assume the convict can’t pay for the lawyer’s services, so he must pay with his thick member. And then you have videos like Post-Football Fuck, and some Christmas specials here on It’s actually the best time of the year for me to write these reviews because I see those 75 discounts everywhere! 

The Yays Of The Site 

The layout is great. They don’t have too many sections, and their banners and previews make the site look modern enough. It is clean and smooth, and everything is so logical. The video player is smooth and it works perfectly. Of course, the site is also designed for androids, so you can watch the flicks on on the move. No one really watches porn on the move, but you know what I meant – when you are not home! I guess that’s it for this review. Have fun on, prick!


  • Pros

    Crisp Gay Porn

  • Pros

    Smooth Video Player

  • Pros

    Hot Gay Sluts

  • Pros

    Hardcore Gay Action


  • Cons

    It's Not For Straight Fap Addicts

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