Brutal Invasion

Brutal Invasion Is Your New Favourite Brutal Porn Site!


I am not gonna lie and tell you that isn’t… well, brutal! The site I plan to dedicate 500 words today has a really cool name - Brutal Invasion! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that name? Obviously, it is all about brutal porn, rough fucking, violent porn videos and brutal fuck scenes with hot sluts that like their little sopping wet crevices wrecked from all the dicking. Do you think these things are painful? Maybe they give them more money for these violent porn scenes and rough fucking? But what interests me even more is if they are that brutal in real life, too. I mean, these sluts that have these brutal fuck sessions, are they this submissive and compliant when they don’t do this job? What does it take to be a violent porn star? When do you decide to do brutal porn? These things are just really enticing to think about! And I am someone who likes to analyse and write about everything going on in the porn world. Even in their personal lives, I just like to know everything about these adult stars! 

A Great Interface, Even Dumbasses Would Find It Easy To Use


Brutal Invasion is a premium hardcore porn site, just like other hardcore sites from my list. The chicks here don’t just get fucked, they get humiliated and they treat them like some two-bit whores. Expect a lot of filth and brutal sex, facials and creampie moments that show you that these girls like to be seen as big sluts. The site is modern and they have that video footage below the tabs, showing you some sexy moments from the site. I actually really like Brutal Invasion and how they organised the content. Even though you do have many tabs and things to click on, nothing here looks messy. No clutter, no chaos – they really did a great job with the design. It’s functional, it’s logical, everything is so intuitive and easy to use. I definitely give 5 out of 5 stars to the interface! You will see that they have the best brutal porn videos, delicious cam videos and top-rated violent porn. Since this is also a network, you will see they have 35 sites you can use when you join the community. 

So Many Scenes, So Many Fucking Premium Websites!


Brutal Invasion also has extreme BDSM teen videos! They have amateur videos, teen videos, deepthroat and creampie flicks… They don’t really have a link for categories, but you will see all their categories on the main page. Just scroll down and everything is there. It’s a very rich site, with most viewed and top rated violent porn. The checkout page will tell you these folks have over 15000 scenes, on more than 35 premium websites! Are these all hardcore premium sites? I am not sure, but Brutal Invasion definitely is! I know you will love it, friend!


  • Pros

    Full HD Hardcore Porn

  • Pros

    Awesome Features

  • Pros

    Super Hot Sluts


  • Cons

    No Cons Here!

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