Camwhores – a site with delicious models who are dirty 

Cam Whores is a site I am very fond of at the moment. Why, you ask? The sheriff will tell you why, mofo – this little platform has dirty little trollops who will do everything you want for a fucking dime. Yes, they sell their bodies so easily, and they will fuck all their holes with sex toys, or get dicked deep just so that you can, and I can, cum load and metal hard. But where to really begin with these Camwhores? Maybe I can touch on some hot usernames here: twerkingbaby, kipsy420, calineto87, mylittlehugot, bunnyblondy... If you can’t decide what bimbo to watch first, I’ve just given you some ideas! You are welcome, my horny friend. The sheriff is always here to come up with smutty suggestions, and trust me, has so much awesome stuff to play with! When you land on their main page, you will see their heap of thumbnails and nymphets waiting to get clicked on. Some of these sex-crazed maniacs are insanely gorgeous, like, to make you all throbbing down there in a picosecond! Others are average-looking, but even the ugliest cunt here is actually pretty sexy, which means you won’t find ugly fucks here. That’s pretty cool, but what is even cooler is the variety. You have lean, lanky bitches, chubby and fat broads with saggy tits that are so freaking gargantuan they look like they will explode any minute soon. But you will see the tabs that say categories and models, and this is already something I appreciate. 

A nice database of palatable recorded webcam pornos, but ads... Grr! 

The performances you will see here are not all light and vanilla. I must say I am not very delighted with the categories. I don’t see stuff like big tits, domination, toys, you know, these items. Instead I see StripChat and something like YouTube. YouTube?? What the fuck is this?! And it says over 30K pornos, can this be true? People really do porn on fucking YouTube? But these fucks are private, so you can’t even view anything. Bummer! But you won’t be this underwhelmed with the models, that’s what I can guarantee. You can check out twerkingbaby, kipsy420, calineto87, mylittlehugot, bunnyblondy and any of the models and you will be elated because they are all pretty attractive. What I dig about Camwhores is that you have a perfect little blend of

live sex shows and pre-recorded smut. That’s so fucking awesome! You get to see yummy live shows, and their collection is robust! Whenever you go online, you will see like thousands of models active at that time, and it’s a big archive of models here. You do have ads and some vids load slowly, though. It’s not perfect here, so don’t expect perfection. And if you need more porny suggestions, you have a lot of friends at the very top of the page. It’s a mess, but it’s OK, I guess. Rhyme intended.  I also highly recommend Chaturbate Review & Live Jasmin Review as well.


  • Pros

    A variety of nymphets

  • Pros

    Gorgeous models

  • Pros

    Categories, that are weird, though


  • Cons

    Ads, and fucking pop-ups

  • Cons

    Sometimes it is slow

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