Famous Hollywood sluts caught naked (and horny)!

When you visit Celeb Gate, you will see a plethora of faces of ladies you are well familiar with. These are Hollywood stars, singers, and actresses, sluts who are not really pornstars, but they are not so far away. And you know I'm fucking right! When our beloved ladies get naked, they call them pornstars! When these sluts get naked, they call it art. But at the end of the day, aren't they all the same? They all get naked for money, and they all show us their most private parts, just for a different price. So, if you ask me what I think about these bitches, I would tell you this - these are just more sophisticated pornstars. So, Celeb Gate is a site where you have nudes and leaked sex tapes of these bitches. I mean, at one point, these chicks were naked, and they took photos of their nude bodies, or someone else did it. Or they got naked for a movie scene. Whatever the case is, the sneaky Internet always finds a way to get its hands on this shit! Praise the Lord for being so generous with us pornophiles! So, since there is something disreputable about every babe here on the site, the admins were sweethearts and they shared it with the rest of us jerkers. And now I am here to talk about that! This site is fucking delicious! Not like the porn sites we all like, but it does the trick. The only reason why it is not so hot is because the content is more limited. Also, there is a lot of softcore bullshit here!

A hot little site that does serve naked bodies of stars

I fucking love this place! I like how they organised the content, and every thumbnail here is so small and the same. When you open a star's profile, or how you like to fucking call it, you will see the bio, number of videos and photos, and some leaked shit. But when I clicked on videos, what happened? Crap happened! I was redirected to another site, where I had other stars and their supposed leaked tapes. I don't have fucking time to experiment with other sites, I came here because I want to spend time on Celeb Gate! This is so going to be a con, I can see it right away! But everything else about this place is kind of nice. I see the nudes, some paparazzi shit on the beach, where Denise Richards is topless... Yes, I opened her profile first because I had high hopes for this bitch. I know she is not unfamiliar with getting naked for the camera. So, I wasn't surprised to see her lovely naked body once again! You also have a bunch of ads and banners here I disapprove of, which is fucking annoying. But after all these years in the porn industry, I learned not to be bothered by these ads. It's just how it has to be.


  • Pros

    Naked Hollywood sluts... I mean, stars

  • Pros

    Great organization and nice design

  • Pros

    They actually do have nudes of these bitches!


  • Cons

    Ads are too obvious

  • Cons

    Redirects are always nasty little fuckers

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