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We see naked pornstars all the fucking time! And while there's nothing wrong with that, and it's actually fucking awesome, porn divas are old. We know their tits and pussies so well, we know how many fucking pubes they have! Well, not all of them are hairy, but we know every beauty mark, every piercing, every blemish... Now we want more! We want singers, actresses and TV bitches! We want to see their private parts, their fuck holes, their assholes, their nipples, everything! Unfortunately, only leaked nudes enable something like this. If we are lucky enough for a celeb to be clumsy with her sexy nude content on the phone, so someone finds it and posts it online, that's it! But here's more! There are sites that deal with naked celebs. Oh, yes! These might not be real naked celebs, and it's simply the power of Photoshop! But hey, it's still awesome! You see bodies of pornstars with the heads of your favorite Hollywood stars! What more do you need? Just use your fucking imagination for the rest. I don't know if you still have any. After all, you spend pretty much all of your fucking time fapping to naked sluts, so your brain is full of spider web now. And since you haven't had enough, I think you will like learning about Celeb Jihad. Here you have plenty of nudes, and you have pornstars and celebs. Ariana fucking Grande, Emma Watson, Billie Eilish... Some new kids favored by the youth nowadays.

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But not all content here is fake. You have gifs of naked celebs, taken from movies and things like that. Don't forget that stars of movies sometimes reveal everything, so they are like pornstars in some way. Luckily for us, we have sites like Celeb Jihad to collect all these sexy scenes and put them in one place! It's actually the best fucking thing about this site. Instead of downloading a bunch of slightly erotic movies just to find a few scenes where stars show their titties, you can find all these scenes here, in a minute! They are short, but combine more of them to have enough material for your jerk sesh! The site is decent. The content is good, the layout is acceptable, the navigation tools are not hard to use... You will see the About section, which is actually surprising. You have things to read here about the admin! I ain't got no time to read this shit, I'm a busy fella who needs to run his business! But if you have plenty of free time, you can read it. Why not know more about remarkable people who give us smut for free? And hey, I am one of them! It's such an honor to be among these guys...But that doesn't fucking mean I will have time to read their life stories, dah! I have more porn to check out!
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  • Pros

    It's free

  • Pros

    Someone creates these fake nudes for us

  • Pros

    All the famous babes are here


  • Cons

    Fake nudes

  • Cons

    There could be more content

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