CFNM Village is a tiny forum for this niche lovers 

There are many mind-blowing smut forums on the web, so if you want a certain theme, you can find it fast. Let’s say you like CFNM niche... Yes, you do have stunning CFNM forums, filled with delicious dirty stories related to this topic. I actually have a lovely forum for you, the one dealing with all things CFNM, and here you will find amusing, engaging and captivating CFNM stories. At least you should. It is why this website was made, so that folks could post all things CFNM and various stuff regarding this niche. You even have vintage CFNM stuff and a CFNM blog! Are you impatient to learn what this forum is called? It’s CFNMVillage! I decided to added to my archive because I am a fan of this CFNM site. Forums can be so exciting because you don’t just get to read about things that you like. You can also become a part of big active and engaged communities of fappers, who like sharing their experiences and posting stuff on their own. Forums are not really as delicious as mainstream fuck sites because you mostly have a few pics and clips here, and it is all about texts and opinions of others. And CFNM Village is not vast, you don’t really have too many threads here. But, you know, forums are never that impressive to the majority of fappers, most cock slappers will rather choose to visit free fuck tubes or even premium porn sites. And that’s cool, you get to visit any site you want, it was all made for you!

A community of CFNM-loving pervs 

I don’t really have much to say about CFNM Village because this little devil doesn’t have much going on. There are some fappers and clit strokers here who are active members, and sometimes they spark a discussion. They talk about CFNM stories and topics, and these are dirty talks, so definitely not for kiddies and prudes. You don’t strike me as any of these things, pal, so I think you will be pleased here. And you know, if you are a lonely cock who needs the warmth of a cooze, who knows? Maybe you meet a special lady here! These things can be unpredictable, you never know who you will stumble upon, and if you like CFNM stories and all things CFNM, vintage CFNM and CFNM blogs, people who come here should also be into these phenomena! You don’t want your lady not to support your kinks, right? She has to be a CFNM lover herself, how else are you going to hit it off?? It’s important to find someone who shares your kinks and fetishes, this is where people are truly themselves! Why am I being so lovey-dovey and cringey today?? Am I losing my machismo? Don’t tell anyone about this side of the sheriff, or I will place your pervy ass behind bars, where you can fuck your clothed cellmates in their butts! 


  • Pros

    You can read about CFNM topics

  • Pros

    Community of CFNM pervs


  • Cons

    It's very small

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