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Cheggit... A cool name that doesn't really reveal much. This is actually a porn torrent site, and do you want to know what this name means? It should be something like Check it! It's fucking weird, why not just call the site 'check it' instead? Was the domain already taken or something? Or this is just their way of sounding cool? Honestly, to me, they just sound drunk. If they want to be cool, though, they should give me a call and I will give them a few lessons. For free, of course, the sheriff will never be a person whose greed knows no bounds. And it looks like these folks aren't greedy, either. If you want to register here, you can easily do it, all for free. I like it when a smut site is free, not for me, but for you, cheap little fucker! I know you value your money more than you value your life. Seriously, if there was a burglary in your house, and the burglar was like: ''Give me all the money, or let me fuck you in the ass!'' You would probably just grab your lube and let the burglar do his business. And you know how I know that? My premium sites page  doesn't have as much traffic as my free sites. Why do I even bother to find you all this awesome premium porn? Maybe we should just stick to sites like Cheggit because they are free, and even though they are not as awesome as some other porn sites I have here, at least you don't have to spend a dime on them.

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So, like always, the sheriff is going to tell you about the design and some other things here. The site doesn't really look marvelous, but the varied content compensates for it. Not all sites can afford to look as good as the sheriff's site. Some sites just have it all, and some will focus on one thing. For example, my site has it all, even the tab dedicated to awesome porn games, but there will be sites that just don't want to waste time on doing what they can to look good. This is a disaster because you need to have everything! You need to look remarkable and have remarkable content. But at least Cheggit has exceptional adult content, and I must confess, their organization is great. But what's important here, whenever you want to download something, there will be many seeders. And yes, you need an account to download what you want and they have plenty of rules, which you will see when you enter the site and start reading their texts. But all in all, I don't think this is a site you will hate. In fact, it's great, especially because you can download all that magnificent porn you live for! So, check it out! We also think you would like


  • Pros


  • Pros

    A lot of great porn content

  • Pros

    Many seeders


  • Cons

    Too many rules here

  • Cons

    You need an account

  • Cons

    Terrible design

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