Try Chyoa to find delish sex stories 

Has the freaking Universe ever blessed you with Chyoa? If that bitch failed, I won’t. Today I will give you a nice little gift, and that is the gift of reviewing a really cool interactive sex stories site - Everyone who likes porn should also like good old sex stories. I think sex stories are even older than palpable porn. Well, not really palpable for you, but for those who do it, and you get to watch. When people were still too fucking shy to expose their skin, at least they had juicy sex stories. Because stories are more innocent, no? No one loses their fucking virtue from just hearing about sinful doings. And why not try something that will at least help you expand your dirty vocab? When you watch regular porn, sure, you get to pick up a trick or two, but when you read your porn, you don’t just stumble upon some steamy ideas, you also enrich your dirty slang vocabulary and you can impress bitches with your luxurious pillow talk. The sheriff always supports gaining new skills! If you thought your sheriff was some boring, handsome fucker who just arrests bitchy wrongdoers and faps to Mia Malkova’s bubble butt, you were so wrong, you prick! The sheriff is very curious and likes to explore all sorts of stuff, and today I advise you to read more sex stories and make your dirty talk juicier for your fuck buddies. 

Not that perfectly organized and well-put-together, but it’s ok 

Sure, this site is also a place where you will find incest chyoa corner, erotic chyoa corner, a totally weird and inappropriate ballbusting story from time to time, a lot of incest stories that are just too freaking hot, and you even have some mind control porn stories, perfect for fucks who like this shit. Nothing is terrible about this layout, their presentation is solid. No complaints. But who even fucking sees the colours and buttons, when there are so many tempting stories to read? What bugs me is another thing. I don’t fucking see the categories, and that shit is very important on a site like this. How do I find my kind of smut? Let’s say I want to read incest stories or these fucked-up mind control porn stories, or even a really strange ballbusting story... How do I find that? The only tool I have is this search box, so I hope it gives me what I fucking need. But I typed incest stories... This is not really what I see! The fifth result is called Incest porn collection, but the first 4 don’t even have this keyword. But I’ll fucking take it! Now, when I click on it, I am a little bit underwhelmed to see only 3 fucking reads, and I am not impressed by this number. So, the site is really not perfectly elaborate, and this is OK, I guess. It’s not like this is fucking Brazzers. 


  • Pros

    Free and easy to use

  • Pros

    Creative writers and cool stories

  • Pros

    Sometimes you just need a different type of porn


  • Cons

    No categories, no filters

  • Cons

    It doesn't look too awesome

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