Cock Vore, a disturbing kink that not everyone will get

Suckers for manga hentai may really… for some reason, love CockVore, or R/CockVore. This is a subreddit on this platform, for those who are into cock vore stories. This is adult manga, not for kiddies and teens, at least not those teens who aren’t barely legal. And when I say this is not for the youngest youth, boy do I mean it! If you don’t want your little one to be traumatized, do everything in your power to keep them away from this for as long as possible! Seriously, even some grownups would be traumatized by this! If you are any familiar with Reddit, you know how this fucker works. Basically, you come to Reddit, find your sub that you take delight in the most, and the fun can commence! You can fap away to these lovely pics and clips, and this r/ deals with cock vore stories only! Now, cock vore is a very kinky thing. If you are into it, you are a probably weird mofo, but hey, we are not here to be judgmental! I am the porn sheriff, not the judge, let judges do their work, and I will do mine. So, a part of my job is to tell you what these niches are about, right? Cock vore is a phenomenon where a person gets, like, sucked into someone’s gargantuan penis! The urethral opening of these… creatures, is so big that another creature can get consumed by it. And when someone does enter a cock like this, they stay there. Now, I don’t fucking know what the appeal of this is, obviously, but for some reason, this thing has 9 thousand members! And if 9000 fappers choose this phenomenon to jerk off to, why not you also be one of them? Let’s help this sub reach 9001 members! 

A strange side of smutty content 

So, Reddit is Reddit. It works like always, with content that you have to scroll down for, and there are so many stunning pics and clips that are original here. I said it once before, and I will say it again. I am not sure if these pics are exclusive 100% of the time, but you will find things here that you just can’t on other sites, the ones you visit all the time. Reddit is for a kinkier part of the population for the most part, these subs are not always… normal. When I say normal, I mean mainstream. Some subreddits are very specific and narrow, with kinks and acts that are not that common. And somehow, 9000 fucking fappers still find these weird sides of the internet. Personally, I don’t hate this cock vore shit, I just don’t see why someone came up with it. Because the genre is so narrow, it’s understandable there are only this many members, compared to some other subreddits that have hundreds of thousands of them, or millions of them. But if you like it, go for it! Be sure to check out MilfToon & HentaiFox


  • Pros

    A cool section for weird kinksters

  • Pros

    Authentic smut typical for Reddit

  • Pros

    A familiar layout


  • Cons

    It's a very narrow niche

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