Corona Cunts

Fuck Masked Bitches In Corona Cunts Game

I might be a sheriff in the far west, but even I heard of the Rule 34. And let me tell you, I enjoy myself all the My Little Pony porn games because we all really like horses out here. However, I never thought Rule 34 applies to absolutely everything that exists. This game I’ve played last night is the perfect example. As the name suggests, Corona Cunts is a porn game about the pandemic. But it seems like these cunts didn’t get what the doctors were trying to tell us. They all wear masks, that’s true, but they practice zero social distancing. The only thing from which their distancing is Good through the way they fuck and the kinks they do. Now, I know they’re just cunts in a video game, but let me tell you something, bucko. This game is so well done that all these bitches feel real. You’ll almost want to put on a mask yourself. 

Three Cunts Better Than An Army Of Cumsluts

Although the game you’re about to play is awesome, it has something very different about it. Most games these days are all about giving you dozens of characters and customisation. On Corona Cunts you will get three characters that you can fuck. That’s it. You get Lauren, the police woman from the future who has seen so much shit in her career that she turned into a numb cum slut who just needs to be used for her holes. You get Jessica, the alt-punk bitch who loves to get high and ride cocks until she pisses all over the floor. And then you get Jada, the spiritual sex goddess who recharges her chakras every time she has a connection to a sperm giver. You can’t even customise these bitches. But let me tell you, they are perfect as they are. Porn games don’t all have to be about customisation. You have so much of that these days. And you’ll never be able to customise a chick better than she is designed by the developers of the games. 

Fucking Like It’s The End Of The World

Corona Cunts combines a story mode with a POV sex simulator to really immerse you in the universe. It comes with three locations for the three bitches. You will have to go to them and when you get there, you have two options. You either let them take care of you and enjoy a perfect fuck show or you take charge and fuck their brains out. The story imagines corona as a pandemic that really got out of control. You are the last hard cock on hundreds of miles. They all want to feel you inside them. They want you to fill their cunts with cum so that they can give birth to the next generation of our species. What makes me sad is that the game doesn’t enter that zone of pregnancy sex. It would have been a perfect addition. But maybe they are preparing a second part to the game and by the way everything looks in the universe in which the action happens, the second part might even feature some monster sex besides the preggo fetish. 


  • Pros

    Apocalypse Porn Game

  • Pros

    Three Different Characters

  • Pros

    Long Gameplay Experience


  • Cons

    Takes A Minute To Load

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