R/cumflation is full of surprises

Hardcore smut is awesome, and there are so many subs on Reddit that are simply worth checking out! You would be so surprised at how many weird things people will come up with and how many of them end up becoming a subreddit! Today we will write about cumflation... well, I will write, you are just going to read it, stud! If you appreciate high-quality art and hentai porn, you will actually love spending time here on r/cumflation. This is a very active community here, with so many jerkers who like coming to enjoy this kind of art. At this moment there are 104k members, but this will probably even go bigger! After all, who would fucking want to miss out on these extreme ejaculation adventures? Cumflation reddit might not be the most popular sub on Reddit, but it's definitely hot. But what's even more interesting, this is not something you will find on sites like PornHub, or other free tubesthat are big players. So, the site is filled with static images with characters that are found in all kinds of sexual situations. But these are not just usual things you see on regular smut sites. These are scenes where babes get fucked by horses, and weird shit like that. It's fucking insane, and who would like that?! But it seems 104 thousand people are really into it for some reason, and considering I am a huge fan of Reddit, I will also give it a try.


A subreddit that is pretty unusual

You want just see anime women fucked here. The place is much fucking weirder than that! You will see foxes, horses, some really weird creatures that are not even animals and pretty much everything! I don't even know who would want to see a giant pregnant fox getting fucked all sexed up, but apparently, there is a demographic that wants to jerk off to this content. So, the content here is pretty weird and you definitely won't find anything like this anywhere else. Only hentai sites are this crazy, but these things can't even be found there. And that's pretty much all you need to know. Now, you are probably already pretty familiar with Reddit, and you know how it works. You can like the content, share it, comment on it and you need to be a member to upload your own sexy stuff. And why not join this weird little gang that is full of cumflation lovers? I must say, i have never seen so many pregnant babes on a site so much. Not even on the pregnant porn sites I chose for you. These drawn hentai babes are all covered with drawn jizz, and it's fucking insane! I don't know what to tell you about it. It's just a subreddit that is out of this world! It's like nothing you will see on the internet, so check it out and tell me what you think!


  • Pros

    An unusual subreddit you won't find anywhere else

  • Pros

    Free content with hot hentai bitches


  • Cons

    Too many drawn animals here

  • Cons

    It's a weird subreddit

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