Duos, Trios And Groups Fucking On CumFu! 

Have you heard of CumFu? If you want to see some Ricky Martins, but Asian, you should check out this premium gay porn site! The minute I land on the home page, this is what I find – naked sinewy hunks, jocks and adorable twinks! Gosh, I must stop saying things like adorable twinks, people will think I am gay! But I am a professional, and I know you are gay, so you want an objective opinion, don’t you? This is some quality shit, I will admit. From the outset I see it by looking at the design. They invested a lot in the web developing and they sure invested a lot in the scenes. This is one of those premium gay porn sites that has it all – the content is HQ, the dudes look nice and handsome (even to straight dudes) and the platform is just top-notch! So, where should I begin? What is the first thing this CumFu review should include? Maybe this is going to capture your attention – the gays here fuck with one person, but there are also many threeways and group sex scenes! And who doesn’t like a good orgy fuck flick? 

These Asian Gays Sure Look Like They Train A Lot! 

I mostly see Asian gays here on CumFu, and they don’t look nerdy and thin like Asian dudes on other porn sites. Just in case you are straight and this is only your little experiment, I will mention my Premium Asian porn site list! Check it out and see what I am talking about! Now, the Asian gays here look like Ricky Martin, with that strong muscle outline in their stomachs and all the muscles in their arms and pretty much everywhere! I would think these dudes spend most of their time in their gyms, but maybe they are this well-formed and muscular because they fuck a lot! Fucking is also a sport, you know? You have to be active, engage most of your body… You move vivaciously and you do it for a longer time, so it pretty much can be seen as a type of exercise. You work out your arms and legs and… You work on your stamina. And then tell me you don’t fucking like sex! I don’t get asexual folks. Sex is probably the most fun exercise, and it comes with so many benefits! Why would you not like it?! Why punish your body like that? 

The Prices Are Nothing Too Creative 

To see their models and the categories and everything, you have to pay! No pay, no play! They do have this trial membership, so you can always take advantage of that to see what the treats here are. CumFu is a gay porn site, so don’t expect anything else here. If you like Asian gay porn, there’s no reason not to like this site. Yesterday I talked about Euro gay porn, today I am talking about Asian gay porn… I feel so informed now!


  • Pros

    Crisp Asian Gay Porn

  • Pros

    Full HD Premium Gay Porn

  • Pros

    A Great Interface


  • Cons

    Nothing, Really

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