R/cumhaters - they just 'cum' stand it!

Ok, so we know there are sluts who like nothing as much as having their cute little faces covered with jizz! There are also sluts who hate cum! But they still get surprised... And they fucking hate it! They even make terrible faces of disagreement and disgust, just because they don't want the little pals on their faces! If you read my reviews where I speak about reddit cumsluts and cumflation, you know what I think about jizz! It's powerful! It's fucking life! So many great things cum out of it, but also, so many terrible thiings. Like me and you. I was a little sperm-cell many years ago, and you were, but look at what happened to me, and what, well, happened to you! I am such a stud now! And you... you are that terrible thing. But let's continue with the little cum haters here, shall we? Here on Reddit you can see pretty much everything! And when I say it, I really fucking mean it! We have talented artists, goddess like users, top-notch pornstars, super-cool amateurs who go wild, genuine sex stories, a lot of great gifs and videos... And now, we have this - cum haters! That is even the name of the sub. CumHaters, r/cumhaters, reddit cum or even reddit cum haters - I think we got the message - these bitches just fucking hate cum! And yet, with all this cum I see here on these photos, those little sperm banks would be so jealous!

Unpleasant surprises for squeamish bitches

It's actually a very funny subreddit. So, a babe is giving her man a BJ. She seems to like it and everything works fine... until the cumshot hits her right in the throat! And this makes her want to throw up. All these cum haters either throw up or they are about to when they swallow cum or the cum slaps them in the face. Honestly, watching all that is so fucking amusing! And 294k members of this subreddit agree with me! So, all the pics and videos here show babes who aren't happy when jizz is on their faces and in their mouths. I must say this is a very original subreddit. I don't think sites have this category! I fucking like reddit because it always has something unique to offer. And these hotties aren't that happy about the facials, but what do they think about creampies ? Maybe this is better because it's not so close to the mouth! I must say again, this content is going to get me so hooked! I pretty much enjoy these videos where the babes don't even expect it and they get a little warm and sticky surprise! I watched an Asian stunner with pierced nipples jerk off a boner until it exploded all over her face! She was unpleasantly surprised. But what did you expect, bitch? To cover you with confetti? You gave a BJ that awesome, and you don't want the guy to explode on you? What a nasty lady.


  • Pros

    Hot cumshot moments

  • Pros

    This content is even funny!

  • Pros

    Free amateur porn


  • Cons

    I feel sorry for the ladies

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