Cumunista Has The Most Sperm Addicted Whores In The West

Well, I’d be damned if the creators of this game didn’t follow me around town and reproduced my life in a modern looking way. Cumunista is the story of a hot shot who fucks all the bitches in his town. It’s exactly what the sheriff does all day. So, you can be sure that I played this game with so much excitement. And I loved it a lot. I came just as much as I do when the mayor’s wife comes to visit me. Damn, that broad can suck dick. Maybe she’s the model after which they created all the dirty cumsluts in this game. Let’s talk more about Cumunista in the following review. 

The Gameplay And The Sex

Cuminista is part RPG sex games and part sex simulator. It will give you the chance to live the perfect stud life in a town where all bitches are up for grabs. You can visit different places around town, including the mall, the gym, the pool and even the local adult theatre for a session at the glory hole. You will enjoy all sex scenes from POV perspective, but you will also have the chance to move the camera around or set it in third person view. The kinks in this game are plentiful and hot. The babes will take your dick in all their holes. They will suck with a lot of energy. And as the title of the games suggests, they will play with your cum at the end. And the cumplay in this game is amazing thanks to the graphics and the motion engines. That’s what makes the whole experience so realistic. That and the design of the characters. All the bitches of the game are vixens with big tits and massive asses. The details on their bodies are amazing. Each one of them has different shapes of pussies and tits, they moan differently when you fuck them and they have different personalities and sex styles. Your avatar is a big guy with a massive cock who is full of tattoos. There is no character customization in this game, but you will get plenty of characters to satisfy your thirst for smoking hot chicks. 

Play On Any Device Cumunista For Free

What I love about this game and the new generation of sex games is the compatibility they have with all devices and platforms. You can play the game on iPhone and Android, or on PC and Mac. The difference between touch screen and keyboard gameplay is not noticeable, both modes offering flawless control over the action. When you start the game, you will have to wait for half a minute for the thing to load up completely and then you’ll be ready to play with no loading screens in-between the sex acts or locations. All in all, Cumunista is a perfect game for when you want to feel like you’re the sheriff and you don’t have a town of cumsluts to fuck all night. 


  • Pros

    Hot Stud Simulator

  • Pros

    Realistic Bitches

  • Pros

    Excellent Cum Flow Graphics


  • Cons

    No Character Customisation

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