CurryCreampie Review


CurryCreampie Has A Messy Serving From The International Pussy Cuisine

I don’t know who came up with the name for, but it is hilarious. They of course mean it as a creampie Indian themed porn site. But I can’t help imagining some curry stuffed cunts in food porn. I bet that for the right money, a broad from the saloon would let me give them an actual currycreampie. The sheriff is just curious to see what would happen. I’ll keep you updated. But until then, let’s check out this site. Everyone’s crazy for Indian porn videos these days and it seems like people started digging up old porn sites to satisfy their exotic fetishes. Because this site is old, especially when we talk about porn. But it aged pretty well. So, I’ve decided to give it a cumshot. 

Who The Fuck Tries To Make A Fool Out Of The Sheriff?!?

When I got on this site, I was stunned. The promise is that I’ll get Indian pussy, but I’ve recognised some of my favourite Latina porn stars on the front page. What the fuck’s up with that? At least they dressed them up in sari dresses and painted one of those dots on their forehead. If you always wondered what those dots are for, you’re going to find out from these movies. Those are bulls-eyes for the cumshot, mofo! 

But about half these bitches are indeed Indian hotties. We’re talking desi mommies and aunties and some teens who are tight and perfect for your Indian

creampie pussy fetish. What’s funny is that I’ve also seen some American-Indian chicks pretending to be real Indians on this site. Since porn has so much to do with suspending your disbelief, I got over the ethnicities of these cumsluts and just enjoyed some of the Indian sex porn. 

The Content Is Ancient In Porn Years

The content is not bad at all. But how the fuck are people interested in content that was shot before 2007. With all the 4K and VR porn these days, watching porn that’s not coming in at least 1080p feels like jerking off to cave drawings as a Neanderthal. At least the sex in the 158 movies of this collection is good. It’s all about white boys fucking ethnic bitches. There’s raw pussy drilling and plenty of anal on the site. There’s cock sucking and worshiping. And as the name suggests, there’s a lot of Indian creampie porn. If you know the sheriff, you know that I long for the good old times when women looked like women down there. Well, some of the hindu creampies on this site are served into some thick black bushes. 

The site gets a couple extra points for all the traditional dresses and accessories that the Indian bitches are wearing as they’re getting raw dogged. The outfits and accessories add so much to the kink. And that also makes me wonder. I wonder if today’s porn directors could pull out and Indian creampie collection like this one, without having the annoying feminists canceling them on that cultural appropriation bullshit. 


  • Pros

    Both Pussy And Anal Creampies

  • Pros

    Traditional Indian Costumes

  • Pros

    Lengthily Videos


  • Cons

    Older Content

  • Cons

    Some Indians Are In Fact Latinas

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