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Dadcrush Is A Site You Will Want To Bookmark Today!

Greetings, my friend – it’s time for a new review today, about a site called DadCrush! I would say long time no see, but we both know that your favourite pastime is dawdling on my awesome directory every fucking day! And who can blame you? Definitely not me! We have a lot in common, my lecherous pal… Except that, I am much more handsome and like a billion times more successful with the ladies! But don’t worry about not being a Casanova like me. At least you have all this porn, and you should check out all the new sites in the 

premium incest porn section! Being a good friend I always am to you, today I will tell you something juicy about this delectable site I have recently come across, while I was splurging on my porn. 

All These Young Nymphets Just Want Their Dads’ Schlongs!

So, even if you are not a fucking genius, it doesn’t take long to conclude that this site is all about nubile bimbos who like their daddies way too much. More than they should, in fact. I mean, DadCrush… You didn’t really think the moms wanted to bang the dads? No fucking way! Mommies are too busy screwing the gardeners somewhere else, or maybe their daughters’ hot boyfriends on other, sister sites! It’s porn, mofo! Who would watch pornos in which moms actually fuck dads? B-O-R-I-N-G! But teen daughters fucked by their nasty fathers? Now we’re talking! So, DadCrush is for the kinky… It’s incest porn at its finest, and if you are too big of a prude, get lost! Here you will see crisp, exclusive flicks where little princesses get down and dirty to pleasure their papas, and all that for the same price as on pretty much every other porn site. You have a few deals, and you know the drill – more months of membership means less money monthly! If you want the content on DadCrush to be yours for a year, this is the best deal! The design and the features are decent, and the site has everything other porn sites try to give us as well. 

Why Pay For This Incest Porn Site, Sheriff??

DadCrush is a newbie, but this bitch is serious! They already have enough juicy content for your lecherous eyes, their deals are insanely enticing, the starlets are talented performers, and not some two-bit whores found in a brothel or something… Not that I have anything against brothels. But don’t tell anyone, I am the fucking sheriff, it would be such an inconvenience they found out. So, DadCrush is sure a site to recommend at any time! If you like incest porn, don’t be mean with your money – give these bitches what they want! After all, incest porn is different and exciting, and you should give it a try because these are things you will never do in real life, and sometimes we need to fantasise about things like that!


  • Pros

    Crisp Family Porn


  • Cons

    Only For The Freakiest Mofos

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