DampLips Review


Plenty of nudity, and just the depravity we are counting on!

When you visit Damp Lips, a hot little blog porn site I have stumbled upon and decided to put on my list, you will see they say this: Naked women and naked girls. It's as simple as that! This is what you can find on Damp Lips - loads and loads of sexy nude sluts! This is a very simple site, with blog posts that include plenty of tempting images of babes in their birthday suits, and you have descriptions of these scenes. Sometimes these are pics, sometimes you have a video... At this moment, you have a very delicious clip of 8 minutes -this is the most recent blog post. You can read about a fella who had to fuck his roommate's babe. This slut doesn't just want to fuck, she is delighted to try anal sex as well! Like I said, it's a very juicy video, and I must say - this slut is a bombshell! There are more posts of this kind, and I see even more sex bombs! They say these bitches are amateurs, but these pics look professional to me! They pinch their nipples, squirt, and share cocks... From what I can see, it's just enough of depravity to entice me! And I want fucking more! I took some time to actually read these texts about the videos and photos. Frankly, they are not bad. But honestly, who has time to read this shit when you can go straight to business and just hit the play button?!

A site that is pretty simple and decent

The titles of these videos are phenomenal! A hottie needs to rub her itching pussy mound against a throbbing boner! Hot sisters can't seem to control their teen sex drive! A fella feels good jacking off as his lovely mommy is watching... And more! You have 1080p videos here, and the best part is that you can download them! But here's what I am going to complain about - Damp Lips only has fragments of full-length movies. If you want to watch whole movies, you must visit the host sites, which means you must pay for these videos. But after all, this is just a fucking blog porn site! Did you really expect they would have 1080p flicks, that are not just full-length, but also the compliments of the house? The site has a search bar and a menu bar at the top of the page, but this menu bar doesn't really have anything exciting. The links just take you to pages with more porn sites, which is OK, but you don't have any categories, a model section, live sex cams, or things most porn sites offer. It took me some time to realize that you will find some categories when you look to the right, but you only have a limited number of them. When you click on one, you open a page with videos belonging to this category. And that's pretty much it. It's a simple site.


  • Pros

    1080p and 720p videos

  • Pros

    Alluring bitches

  • Pros

    It's free


  • Cons

    Not many categories

  • Cons

    Full videos hosted on different sites

  • Cons

    It looks average

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