Sticking It Up The Ass in 4k HD Is Why DarkX Rocks

Hey, wanker! It's me again, the only Sheriff you like. I've been banging a lot lately, so I haven't had a lot of time to talk to you. What can I say? Like you'd do it differently? Stop Lying to me! The difference is, in my case, everything is possible. My life actually IS full of chicks, the kind of chicks you get to see at Jealous much? Now the downside is that they don't have any sexy ebony porn in there but they do have black dudes ravaging these white angels with their long schlongs. See, it's all about black-on-white sex. These gals obviously didn't try my love stick, yet. With this review, I kindly offer an invite to all DarkX models to my shack for a friendly shag. If they are screaming and moaning as they are in these videos as they are getting analed, then a round with the Sheriff will be a whole spectacle, an event even. Moving on. 

Digging Deep Holes With Dark Shovels

It takes a lifetime experience to become the ultimate porn wizard such as I. So to shorten your time in this ocean of porn, I give out review gems and you listen. Trust me when I say that will have your little guy swollen for days. They have ass licking to triple stuffing, they go ruthless. They have anal, they have big juicy asses, they have fucked up compilations, they have pornstars, damn they have it all! Also, as porn reviewer royalty, I expect nothing less than exclusive shit and DarkX has it. I ain't got no time for pixelated stuff and the website design from the last century. My dial-up days are long gone and forgotten, thank you! I wanna watch my premium porn in top quality and see that wet pussy skin glimmering in the sunshine. And DarkX gives me exactly that!

Big Tits Everywhere At DarkX

Now, before I get to the tits I gotta say, this gal Mason, who's shooting all of these videos - I salute you! She knows her shit and I'd know. If you are a normal human being, you won't be able to resist these scenes and those tits. Yes, the tits on darkx are fan-fucking-tastic. I like all of them. But when they are hefty, I go loco. And the lovely ladies in the house of sure are gifted. Also, what's really loco is that you can get their sub for a measly 3 bucks to start!! Damn Mason - how do you do it? I mean, there are tons of cunts that are being stuffed in their photo gallery section. There are tons of 4k videos. I'm not even mentioning their network and, getting to download these gems. It's just way too much value for all you civilians! Darkx porn fires up my kinks and that is why I love'em. They walk, talk and act like me. True elites!


  • Pros

    White Chicks Screaming To Get Stuffed Deeper

  • Pros

    Exclusive Interracial Porn Where Everyone Fires Multiple Bullets

  • Pros

    Curves Everywhere


  • Cons

    I Think I Am A Bit Intimidated By The Size

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