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The Sheriff Has A New Free Porn Site For All The Indian Porn Lovers

Howdy, horny bastards! How’s it going? Still searching for those authentic desi porn videos for your horny dick and your exotic fetishes? Well, I’ve just got in my email from Gregory, the owner of the town’s store. He loves his spices and loves the spicy pussy of the Indian chicks. He knows all the best Indian porn sites and he’s crazy for DesiHoes. He wants everyone to know about it and he came to me. And I must say that my cock is truly impressed with this site. They have a lot of authentic amateur Desi porn. And if you know me, you know that I like homemade porn( so much. Self-shot masturbation videos, sex tapes, or spy cam videos, they all make my cock go paw-paw-paw with bullets of cum all over my laptop’s screen. 

Desi Indian Sex And Real Muslim Porn

This is a free porn tube with mostly amateur sex content. There are some authentic Indian porn productions here too, but only about a quarter of the collection is professional porn. At least, the professional porn comes in full length. We’re talking real Indian porn stars in movies that are 40 minutes long. It’s interesting to see the take of the Indians on porn. Some of it is way too cinematic, and it makes my cock bored. There are love stories in it and even music and shit. But others are pretty gonzo, featuring sluts who are fucked hard on the set by much older mustached Indians. 

However, the amateur content of this site is the reason for which I chose to recommend Desi Hoes. So many guys who chose to film their hot curvy wives and shared or leaked the movies on the internet can be enjoyed here. There are even leaked sex tapes of celebrities and cheating wives. It’s a desi sex extravaganza in this collection. There are even some recorded live sessions of hot Indian cam sluts. 

What I find the hottest are the Muslim sex videos. I love to see how slutty the Muslim girls can be when they’re home with their lovers. They suck cock with so much passion and devotion to their men. They take it in the ass without beating an eye. And I’ve jizzed so hard on so many videos in which Muslim babes in hijabs got facilized. 

This Indian and Muslim Sex Tube Has Too Many Ads

Now I know that the free sex tubes have to make their money somehow, but do they have to kill my joy with so many ads. No matter where you click, you’ll open an ad in a new tab. If you want to switch from the video page to the photo page or to categories or tags, your best bet is to right-click and open that page in a new tab. And the ads are ridiculous. They’re all about crypto trading and cock enlargement pills. They should partner up with a cam site and give us ads to some Indian cam sluts, at least. Goddammit, the things I put up with for some quality amateur porn. 


  • Pros

    Lots Of Amateur Indian Porn

  • Pros

    Some Full-Length Premium Porn

  • Pros

    Muslim Porn Videos


  • Cons

    Fuckton Of Ads

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