DesireSFM Will Make You Fall In Love With Adult Animation

Source Filmmaker lets users do all kinds of things when it comes to animation, and one person that has absolutely mastered the craft is DesireSFM. This guy has been making NSFW animations since 2016, and through the years, his work has been getting better and better. You can find his profile on, as well as some other sources, like his Patreon, where he gives his content earlier than anywhere else.

A Versatile Collection Of Animations

Something that I love about DesireSFM is that he does not really have a preference when it comes to animations, and whenever I visit his channel, I am going to find some hot new animation porn that is going to cover a different topic.

Expect To See A Lot Of Popular Characters At DesireSFM

Of course, while the original animations are quite amazing, the ones that I and probably everyone else prefers, are the ones that use popular characters from video games or animated series. On his Pornhub profile, there are over 30 videos that are in the length of up to 18 minutes, and they feature characters from Mass Effect, Resident Evil, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, and many more.

DesireSFM Does The Perfect Visuals

Animating through SFM is already a bit difficult if you ask me, as I could personally never do it. No matter how good of a porn Sheriff I am, making animated porn is something that I am probably never going to dabble with. However, DesireSFM knows how to animate like no one else. All of the shots are perfect, the animations are smooth, and the plot, when there is one, is not that bad either. The only shame about DesireSFM is the part where he does not upload that frequently. Then again, making animations of high quality like these does take time.


  • Pros

    Astonishing Animations

  • Pros

    Long Adult Animated Videos

  • Pros

    Completely Free


  • Cons

    Low Upload Rate

  • Cons

    Voice Acting In Some Animations Is Scuffed

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