Dirty Scout

DirtyScout Takes Advantage Of Slutty, Greedy Gays 

DirtyScount is such a dirty premium gay porn site. The thing is, they find naïve guys and offer them 5000 bucks to fuck them. They will treat them like the biggest gay sluts, employ their own cocks to the fullest extent to drill these assholes, and they will cum all over their faces! Like I said, a very dirty site. But this is premium porn, and no matter how immoral these folks are, at least they produce good stuff. The full HD movies are top-notch, well-edited, the performers are amateurs, but they are not those two-bit gay sluts you find just anywhere. These are pros who pretend to be amateurs. At least this is what I think! I just don’t believe they find actual amateurs, men who don’t have experience at all and they just, what, decide to fuck for money, while being filmed? I know 500 bucks sounds enticing, but please! People are not that shameless, you know. But then again, maybe they are. I wouldn’t fuck for money for 3 minutes of fame on a B-rated porn site. If Brazzers wanted to work with me, I would consider it. But not because of the money – because of fucking Brazzers! Maybe I would also consider it for Adult Time.

Just Like Every Other Euro Porn Site 

Maybe these folks really are amateurs. They don’t really look like professional pornstars. Now that I take a second look, they seem very amateurish to me. There is just something about these faces… They are not familiar! And they don’t have that conspicuous sluttiness that all A-rated pornstars throw at our face! I mean, these guys even look shy. So, maybe DirtyScout is an amateur gay porn site, but one of those better ones, where they invest in this content. They pay dudes, they also use top-shelf equipment… This is definitely a good premium porn site! What I like is how they show you how some dudes refuse this enticing offer. And have I mentioned that DirtyScout is a Euro gay porn site? I would say this is important enough to be touched on. Have you noticed how pretty much every Euro porn site is the same? Well, American porn sites are the same too, but the main theme on Euro porn sites is this sex for cash. They find some unknown faces, and they pick them up, like some whores. Then they offer them sex to star in these fuck flicks. 

After This, I Just Want An American Porn Site 

Man, I think I like American porn more! DirtyScout is a great gay site, but I just like when I see faces like Mia, Lana, Abella, Lily Larimar… At least these girls know they want to be famous sluts, and they audition for that! On these EU sites like DirtyScout I always feel sorry for the amateurs who are pornstar wannabes. They trick them and take advantage of them! That is not nice!


  • Pros

    Crisp HD Gay Porn

  • Pros

    Slutty Gays

  • Pros

    Great Prices


  • Cons

    I Feel Like They Take Advantage of Naive Gays

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