Domai Is A Met Art Project With A Bunch Of Naked Stunners 

Domai… A project launched by the very Met Art creators! Do you know this network? It’s a crackerjack erotic network, where you have the most innovative, creative and exquisite porn picture material. To these folks, art is very important and they make sure we see that. And man, we sure do! When you see their design and everything, you will see that these folks are pros. They know what they are doing, no matter what project they choose. Their web developers? They have honed the craft and now they are perfect! Their actresses? Even better! Their erotic content? Maybe the best you will see on the web! Well, if you like those porn sites that are less hardcore and more… softcore. It’s not like that softcore porn we had in the 90s. Or before. No, you do see everything here, the tits, the twats… But… I don’t know why, it’s just not like on Brazzers and Mofos and other porn giants. Maybe that element of sluttiness of missing! Here the girls are not really slutty, they are just hot and naked. And we all know we like the sluttiest of the sluts out there, like Mias, Lana, Riley, Allura, Cherrie, Phoenix, Abella… Yummy! 

Nothing New, The Same Old Story Of How Great The Site Is

I do have a cornucopia of premium porn picture sites and you should check out my list! I have worked hard to find you and review all these websites, so be grateful, mother F-er! Today I wanted to focus on Domai because this week, I have been working on the whole Met Art network. This is some good shit, you know? Not some B-rated, lame, grainy shit you can find on free tubes. But compared to premium porn sites, free tubes are mostly hideous. The design, the content… Not because the scenes are not sex-packed and good enough. In fact, the action on free tubes is probably the only good thing on them. But of course, there are always exceptions. But sites like Domai… They are remarkable! The design, the features… Their video player is perfect, with all those streaming options and download button… And you can do so much here! You have the community features, but you know what? I think all sites have these features! I can’t remember a site without community features, a great video player and delectable content.

Another Perfect Site, Boohoo!

It’s terrible, but sometimes I wish these sites that I put on my list were bad. I am sick of praising them all! I just want to bitch about something, about how the video player only offers one quality, or how they charge way too much! Domai doesn’t even charge much! But what can I do? My list of porn sites is perfect! Just like me, your favourite sheriff! I sometimes wish I weren’t so damn perfect. The ladies would not fight over me that much! I wish I were average, like you!


  • Pros

    Crisp Porn and Lovely Tits

  • Pros

    Great Prices

  • Pros

    Great Network

  • Pros



  • Cons

    Too Perfect

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