Have You Committed Sin At Ebony Sinners Yet?

They always glorify those black rhino schlongers. At least that's how it seems. But the Sheriff thinks that it was about time we started appreciating the dark pussy! The sexy black pussy, the slippery pink bush, the river Nile. EbonySinners.com is the perfect place for that. Now, at first, I thought that since their content is black babes getting fucked by BBCs, that I'd enjoy the content thoroughly. I love dark pussy but I have standards. And to be truthful, some of the models on Ebony Sinners look like the sin itself. Janky as fuck! The Sheriff will fuck anything that walks but my god, sometimes I have to question that statement and I hate second-guessing myself. These broads just don't cut it but, still, I managed to find the light at the end of the tunnel on EbonySinners.com. But a bit later on that. read on.

Fluctuates Between Hot And Not So Hot

They call it Ebony Sinners, but I think that all sins you see here don't ask for confessions. That is, I won't be asking for any as I am sure I will be coming back to commit more of them. But hey, if that works for you, go ahead. This is just Sheriff warning you of how much hotness you can expect here. Granted, besides the janky ones that I mentioned before. Sure, there are some hot black sluts here, with nice tight asses, decent racks, pussy burgers that you'd want to stick your lil' fry in but on the flip side, there are these questionable ones. Some of the models have saggy tits that remind you of boiled dumplings. Some look like giant farmer watermelons that seem as if they didn't get much exposure to the sun. Some have stretch marks, others look deflated. The good thing is that there are 44 videos, not too much, not too little with a balanced diet of ripe and not so ripe boobs and asses. I don't know...

Black Booty Invasion Even Aliens Would Like To Perform In

There's a lot of big asses to choose from. And besides big asses, you get to indulge in 7776 photo galleries that are all HD and will take up substantial space on your computer. Why? Because once you register and pay up with your Paypal or your CC you get to grab these naughties to your computer. Shit! I have to buy more terabytes since I'm running out of space on my desktop. Who knew Ebonysinners.com would be the end of my hard disk space. Anywho, there are plenty more cool things on this site, I don't want to sound as if it is all bad. It isn't. Oh yeah. You can't watch any of the previews even though they say that you can. Silly me, how could I forget to mention this? Now that I think about it, I'm on the fence about this site regardless of how much I love dark skin porn. I just don't like chicks who have teeth like Welven Da Great the 'Got'em' dude from YouTube. Search for it.


  • Pros

    Black Pussy VS White Sticks Makes A Perfect Contrast

  • Pros

    There Is A Lot Of Cunts

  • Pros

    Original Videos


  • Cons

    I've Been Screaming Oh God Too Many Times

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