Are You Familiar With Eroticax.Com? Time To Be, Mofo! is a porn site, that’s true, but it’s not like other porn sites on the internet. It is dedicated to passionate, sensual, intimate moments. These porn videos are driven by lust and an honest desire between partakers. Some may say that it’s too soft, but not all sex is rough hardcore doggy anal which ends with a creampie, you demanding prick! Foreplay is equally important! Every touch, every kiss, every sigh has the viewer’s attention. Scenarios are not dumb and porn stars are not being banged like crazy. It’s almost like real life sex, and I would know – I have lots of it! 

Why should you visit, you fat-ass klutz?


If you are tired of fake ass sex with porn bimbos and big bullies, who treat a pussy like it’s made of rubber, check out This site will tame your desire and lead it through passionate moments between people. It ends with sex, sure, but this sex won’t leave you drained. It will leave you fulfilled. You may even remember your previous sexual encounters. is also divided into sections. If you click on videos you will get a list of all porn videos which are on this site. You can sort them by latest, most viewed or coming soon. You can search through them using categories or models, both listed alphabetically. The next button is DVDs - when you click on it you will get a similar layout like you did for videos. Clicking on photos will get you a glimpse of eroticax collection (erotic photos). When you click on a thumbnail you will open a full set of pictures, which may be linked to their related video, if there is one. The next button is models. After that one you have about and network. By clicking on models you can search all videos by a name of a pornstar. About section will tell you a little bit more about When you open the network section you will see other porn sites, which are part of XEmpire. There’s a search bar, too! 

Time to become a fucking member!


If you decide to become a member, you will have access to all porn videos and pictures on this site! You can choose a trial period – it will allow you only streaming, and just for two days, but you will pay one dollar. If you are in the mood only for streaming but for a longer period, the monthly membership will cost you 6.66 dollars. If you also like to download your porn, then annual membership is for you – this 12-month membership will cost you 95.40 dollars, which is only 7.95 dollars per month! Beside you will also get access to Allblackx, Hardx, Darkx, and Lesbianx. If you like regular sex then choose You won’t be underwhelmed, and you just have so much to savor on this network! I would recommend it to every mofo out there! 


  • Pros

    Believable Sex

  • Pros

    Crisp Porn I Don't Hate

  • Pros

    Something Different... Kind of


  • Cons

    Call Me If You Find Something

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