Extreme Simulation Lets You Be A Crazy Mofo

If you’re one of the wild boys of the West who has no limits when it comes to sex, you’re just what the sheriff needs in his town. And you’re just the kind of player that will enjoy Extreme Simulation. This game has no limits. Some of the sex you are going to experience in this virtual world is so extreme that some sensitive men can’t even play the game to the end. Some other players will cum in their pants without even whipping out their gun. If you’re a real cowboy who can ride anything, then you can ride these bitches until you make them squirt. They can take anything you throw at them!

Please Any Fantasy With Extreme Simulation

Does your broad not let you put it in her ass. Is she the kind of woman who doesn’t gag on the dick or who hates getting her face covered in fresh cum? Well, then fuck her and enjoy all these virtual sluts who are way hotter than your old lady and who will let you do anything you want to their bodies. Although they feel real, the virtual cumsluts aren’t. That means they will do things that are not even possible in real life sex. You can slap them, punch them, choke them and punch their ribs while you fuck their asses from behind. No matter what you’ll do to them, they will moan and squirt on your virtual cock until you cum. There are so many hardcore bitches that you can fuck here. You get to fuck teens and MILFs. You get lots of alt-chicks with tattoos and body piercings. You even get some famous hot crazy sluts from cartoons, anime and movies. This game even lets you fuck Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. 

A Realistic Game You Can Play On Any Device

This is one of the most up to date game you can play online. It comes with amazing graphics and a complex gameplay experience. The gameplay is no longer just point and click, as it used to be in the hardcore sex games of the past. You will be able to experiment with all kinds of kinks and positions, with toys, and with all kinds of actions that will let you personalize your experience so that no two gameplay sessions will be the same. You can even customize the bitches that you’ll be fucking. Make them thicker, make their tits bigger, change their hairstyle or outfits and even customize their personality. You can have them all submissive, worshiping your dick, or dominant, screaming at you to fuck their holes harder and faster. Extreme Simulation is cross platform compatible, which means that you will be able to play it on any device. You have the sheriff’s permission to play this game on your mobile at work or in the bathroom while your wife is watching her reality show. But if you want the best experience, play it on a computer with a big screen!


  • Pros

    Liberty To Experiment

  • Pros

    Customisation For Characters

  • Pros

    Personalised Gameplay


  • Cons

    Screams Are Too Real

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