Exxxtra Small

What Porn Will I Find on ExxxtraSmall? 

I'm pretty sure you have a good idea of what kind of hardcore action does ExxxtraSmall feature. After all, there aren't many things in the world of online pornography that are attractive when they are small. The only ones that come to my mind are small chicks and small pussies, and this place has them both. You see, this is a premium XXX website that focuses on finding the tiniest teen ladies in the industry. 

It then pairs them up with the biggest cocks and films the roughest, kinkiest, most perverted adult scenes for your viewing pleasure. As PornSheriff, it's my job to scour the internet and look for good porn sites, and I'm pretty much accustomed to almost anything that the world wide web has to offer. Yet the second I go to ExxxtraSmall, I get a raging erection. I couldn't even start this review until I jerked off two or three times to try and satiate this beast in my pants. 

Are the Girls at Exxxtrasmall Really Tiny? 

Do I have the biggest cock on the planet? Yes, the answer is yes. These petite broads are so small that some of them don't even have to go down on their knees to suck a guy off. They simply do it while standing on their two tiny feet. Imagine that! If that didn't get your blood pumping and your meaty shaft throbbing, then I'll have to recommend an exposure therapy and I'd have to direct you to stop reading this review to go visit the website at once. 

Have you heard of magnificent pornstars such as Jasmine Grey, Kate Bloom, Elsa Jean, or Lulu Chu? I bet at least some of those names ring a bell. I'm also pretty sure that a bunch of you fuckers recognized them all and are already on your way to visit the site. You're my kind of person. has tiny blondes, petite Asians, little brunettes, playful schoolgirls, daddy's little princesses, and many other cuties that will get you hard and then drain you fully. 

What Porn Categories Does ExxxtraSmall Offer? 

Really? I've been going on and on about how breathtaking these little ladies are, and you're asking about the categories. Who cares about the categories when you can grab a chick, lift her in the air, and fuck her like a real-life sex doll? But alright, I do get your line of thought. I mean, you want to know what these extra small bitches are capable of, not just what they look like. 

Well, they are capable of everything. Are you into blowjobs? Maybe you like passionate missionary fucking? Or would you rather watch a cosplaying Asian hottie getting ravaged by a monster schlong? has it all. 

Do I Get Something for Free at ExxxtraSmall? 

You'll get previews of every scene without even having to submit your email address. However, if you want the good stuff, get a premium sub. It'll do you good.


  • Pros

    Gorgeous Teen Pornstars

  • Pros

    Petite Girls in Hardcore Action

  • Pros

    HD Video Quality


  • Cons

    All Scenes Are Premium

  • Cons

    No Curvy or Busty Girls

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