FallOut4 Parody

Fallout Parody Is Just As Wild As The West

I might live when the train tracks end, but we do get our shipment of games pretty often. The whole town is crazy about the Fallout series. It might be from the future, but let me tell you something, mofo. It does look a lot like the Wild West. And when I found the Fallout Parody game, I knew that the whole town will love this too. It’s a wasteland where everyone is crazy about pussy. That’s exactly how it feels around these parts. If you’re a fan of the Fallout series, then you will love the kink element that’s added in this xxx parody. There’s everything you need in this game. Rough sex, lesbian lovers, zombie kinks and even gang bangs. 

A Parody Game That Gets It Right

Most of the time, the parody games are losing some of the essence of the original game in the process of porn spoofing. They focus too much on the sex part and ignore that you have to give players gameplay that will resemble the original adventure. In Fallout Parody sex game, all the sex makes sense in the context of the game’s universe. The babes are fucking powerful men for resources and protection. The bad guys are forcing their dicks inside any cunt they find in the wasteland. And don’t even get me started on the zombie sex scenes. They are crazy hardcore and perfect for anyone with a monster kink. This game combined RPG gameplay with a sex simulator and it will keep you engage for the whole experience. You’ll even forget that you’re supposed to shoot your gun while playing Fallout Parody. But it might unload itself accidentally in your pants. That’s how intense and realistic this game feels. 

Great Graphics And Cross Platform Availability

The sheriff always cares about graphics when it comes to sex games, and that’s because you need to please the eye, not only the mind through gameplay. The design of the characters is very realistic in Fallout Parody. You will get lots of vixens with big tits and nice asses, and male characters looking like studs. There are black dudes with big dicks and the monsters are also packing some green meat to stretch all the cunts they get. The gameplay is enjoyed in third person view, and you won’t play any of the characters. You will control the overall situation, and there’s no goal in the sex scenes. You don’t have to make anyone cum. You just need to create a virtual sex experience that pleases your eye and cock. You can make the girls dominate or you can make them cumsluts and ravish their holes. 

Fallout Parody can be played on any device you might have. It’s from this new generation of HTML5 games. Although I don’t quite get what that means, the sheriff is happy that he can play it both at home and on his phone when he’s out in the desert. 


  • Pros

    Great Parody Remake

  • Pros

    Lesbian, Gangbang and Solo Sex

  • Pros

    Realistic Character Design


  • Cons

    No Dialogue In The Game

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