FapVidHD - An All You Can Fap Repository Porn Site

Stocking up on links was always a good idea and still is. The more backlinks you have, the better your SEO ranking is, correct? Are you following me? Got any idea what the Sheriff is talking about? Well, let me explain. A repository porn site is where you can find videos from all over the internet under that one roof. Basically, all the good shit was just linked to, and VOILA! You have a site with thousands of cool videos, all under one name. You don't need to browse all over the web looking for that one genre you like. It's all here at FapVidHD.

Are The Categories Versatile As They Seem?

Oh fuck yeah they are! I scrolled through all these categories, and they seemed just to go on and on, and they never stopped. In fact, somewhere at the bottom, some very obscure categories started to appear. The Sheriff wouldn't be a Sheriff if he didn't have the courage to wander and explore, stick his neck out for you, so you don't have to stare at a small dick getting sucked by a lady who can be your grandmother! Yes, there is a category like that on FapVidHD, but I'll let you find it yourself. 

What's The Main Takeaway From This Site?

That it has like trillion and one videos. Who the fuck dragged all these links to this site is a mystery like the pyramids to me. Every link does redirect you to another site, but at least the links are working. No dead ends once you click on the thumbnails. It's all good, the Sheriff threaded this minefield, and it is all clear. I kind of didn't like the fact that the site is waaaay too simplistic. It's just the thumbnails, and that's it. There are no elements of surprise or wander. What you see is what you get, and if were a girl, she would be good for a few rides, and then I'd barter her off in exchange for some copper and two sheets of wolf skin. It's cold out here in the winter.

Why Would You Stay On This Site?

Because there's more filth than in your mother's mind, sonny! Yes, your mother is a filthy slut, but so are all these ladies you will fap off to. No difference between your mum and them in that regard. So, if you respect your mother, you should respect the content brings to the table. There are no annoying ads that bother you like flies, and the uploads are on the dot. You have access to the whole internet porn with just a few clicks, and that's worth more than two broads and a keg of rum to me. FapVidHD is a site that offers value with its volume. There are plenty of repositories out there, but they just suck! Just like that granny who sucked on that tiny dwarf cock!


  • Pros

    Regular uploads

  • Pros

    Barely any ads

  • Pros

    A great collection of categories


  • Cons

    Way too simplistic of a design

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