If You’re As Dirty As The Sheriff You Will Love The Feet Stimulation Game

Oooooh, the sheriff loves feet. He likes teen feet, MILF feet, clean delicate lady feet and the dirty feet of cowgirls who are walking all day in the sun wearing leather boots. I shoot my load on all kinds of toes, and get foot rubs from any hoe who comes to me for any help with the bandits of the west. So, the sheriff knows his feet kinks and let me tell you something, mofo, the Feet Simulation Game gets this fetish right. Can you imagine that this game gave the sheriff new ideas on how to use feet for his pleasure? It’s realistic, complex and you can play it for free.

Foot Jobs, Lesbian Feet Play And Much More

The best thing about this game is the sheer size of it. It’s not one of those POV simulator with one girl and five-minute gameplay. There are endless combinations of chicks you can create and ready-made skins based on famous hotties from cartoons, video games, movies or even anime. Basically, this game has as many hours of gameplay as your imagination. Because there are many things you can do with so many hotties. First of all, you have the foot job experience, which is most of the times enjoyed in POV. You can have it regular or you can have it from behind while the girl sits doggy with her ass open. You can cum on toes or soles, and the babes are flexible enough to lick sperm off their feet. 

Then there’s the lesbian feet play, in which you can either play first person or third person. This includes feet worshiping, tickle torture and feet pain play, but also some foot insertion in the pussy. And the thing truly making this game unique is the CBT feet and balls game in which you will play from the perspective of a male slave who gets his cock stomped, stepped, hit and tortured by a merciless dominatrix. There’s a lot more, but you will have the honor of uncovering all the other fetish elements yourself. 

A Game Crafted With Passion For Feet

As a feet fetishist myself, I’ve spent many nights and wasted too many cock loads on bad feet games. But there was no alternative before the Feet Simulator game. Those titles in the past came with graphics so bad and so little details that sometimes I felt like I was playing some kind of amputee feet fuck game. 

Well, in this title you get excellent feet design. Not only that you get clearly defined lines and curves, wrinkles and joints, but you get skin texture, proper lighting/shadow and even traits to suggest submissive and dominant feet. And all this comes in a free game with hours of gameplay that’s available in your browser on any device you use. 


  • Pros

    Feet Fetish Gameplay

  • Pros

    Lesbian Feet Play

  • Pros

    CBT Feet Torture


  • Cons

    No Gay Feet Fantasies

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