Tons of good fetish porn on Fetish Shrine!

Fetish porn is popular, maybe even more than it should be. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't hate it. I don't understand it that much either. Humiliating people to get aroused? Being humiliated to get turned on? You find that exciting? Ok, mofo. I am not a judgmental sheriff - never was, never will be. You know I support every kinkster, don't you? As long as you like porn, and you come to see my finds, I will be there for you, to review these sites and express my opinions! So, today I have Fetish Shrine on the menu, do you want a piece of that? You want it because you are here, aren't you? So, what do I think about this little fetish site? If you like teens fetish porn and roped balls, you will be delighted to see it! The very first thing I see here is a double penetration scene with Honey Gold. This little tattooed stunner likes it rough, so she only fucks savages who want to destroy her from ruthless fucking! I see some dykes giving each other a rimjob, but the title promises much more than that. Butt plugs and anal toying, deep throat blowjobs, slutty chicks being stolen by their BFs' friends... Yeap, it's a promising site. You have plenty of stuff to see here. It's diverse because it seems to me that you have both pornstars and incognito bitches, yoga pants, gagging, BBCs, virgins... It's a delicious site, kid! Perfect for your kinky preferences.

Teens and roped balls

So, I see that they have teens here. That's awesome! Tiny teenies receive massages, than their nasty fuck pals put their giant boners in their asses and mouths. That is the right order. They seem to fucking love it! No complaints, just a lot of dick sucking and butt fucking. Ok, so you also have kinky stuff here, like roped balls and bondage, BDSM scenes, a lot of fetish porn. The site looks good and organised, with albums and categories, free cams and a 'live sex' tab. I am not planning to check out everything here because I want to focus on the 'videos' section. I see they also have family porn... That's fucking cool! I am buying this shit, it's not a bad site at all! I don't know how many pages of smut they have, though, but it looks to me that this number is not small! The videos are all high-quality and the video player is pretty decent, no slow loads, no bugging, nothing that will make you feel irritated. They do have ads, though. What did you expect, really? An ad-free site? These things are rare like the fucking Halley's Comet! Yes, mofo! Don't be surprised, I paid attention at school. Did you think the sheriff was stupid? I'll show you who's stupid! Don't ever think that again, or you won't get all these hot reviews! Having said that, I am done with this shit. Buh-bye! Before i end this review be sure to check my Best Live Sex Cam Sites out you will have fun here.


  • Pros

    Lots of fetish porn clips

  • Pros

    High-quality content

  • Pros

    Pornstars and amateurs

  • Pros



  • Cons

    Fucking ads always spoil the fun

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