Flashing Jungle - these sluts are confident everyone likes their bodies!

Babes flashing tits and pussies - need a site with nudes of this kind? Here's a porn blog site you might like - Flashing Jungle! Now, I do like this name. It's creative, I like how they see these sluts as wild animals, and the site is their jungle. And aren't these bitches that exactly? Just a bunch of savages who like getting naked in public? Who fucking cares?! The only thing that matters is that they are here, naked and salacious, striving for plenty of attention they get because of their nudity! Oh, nudity... One of my favorite things in this world! But I only like women's nudity! And that is exactly what you have on Flashing Jungle - hoards of lusty naked women, who don't even mind their private parts out in the open, for pretty much everyone to feast their eyes on! The site is pretty fucking straightforward, which I expect from every porn site! The second you visit the main page, you have all these nudes of women that look more or less good. I mean, these bitches are not all 10 out of 10 hotties, to be honest! Some of them are fatties with a lot of cellulite, and you also have grey-haired ladies who still feel confident about their ancient wrinkled bodies, enough to show them off for some reason... I bet you would fuck a mummy if you could, for the lack of options! These pensioners look too fucking yummy compared to your potential fuck mates - the non-existent ones! Wait, I forgot one option - your fucking hand! But this has probably already got old now after all that savage fapping!

They need a new web designer!

I am not a fan of this site's organization and layout, and I won't lie about it. Sure, it's straightforward and very content-rich, you have all these sexy pics where sluts sit on fellas' faces and shit like that, but how everything was presented - I hate it! It looks messy, with so many buttons I don't give a shit about... Who even shares this stuff on social networks, anyway? This is so fucking stupid! On the left side you have some boring text about these folks. Ain't nobody got time to read this shit! Then below, when you scroll down a little bit, you will see some links, looking like categories. You don't really have many options here, but you have some juicy shit. Upskirt pics, beach nudity, no panties, boobs flash, voyeur pics... The list goes on, but you will see this yourself. The very top of the page is where you will find links to other sites. Live cams, directories, VR sites - they have a little bit of something to suit everyone's needs. That is cool. But I still fucking hate the site's presentation! Who the fuck was the web designer?! These folks should call me so that I can give them my designer's number! Now, that dude knows his job well!


  • Pros

    A straight forward porn site

  • Pros

    Delicious nudes of sluts

  • Pros

    It is free


  • Cons

    It looks too fucking ugly

  • Cons

    Some bitches are just not hot

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