Fortnite Parody

Fortnite Parody Is The Only Fortnite Allowed In My Town

My days as a sheriff are pretty interesting. Sometimes I have to shoot scums, sometimes I have to save broads from horny drunk mofos, and sometimes I just burst inside people’s homes to shoot at their computer for playing shit games. Fortnite is one of the banned games in my town. But I will make an exception for the Fortnite Parody. This game is just too hot and I want to see all those cunts of the game getting fucked hard. I want to be the one to fuck their ass with hate and cover their face in jizz. I can do that with this game and you can do that too. If your kid drove you insane with this motherfucking game, then you know you want some revenge. Play Fortnite Parody and fuck all those bitches right in the cunt. 

The Fortnite Bitches Will Please So Many Dirty Fantasies

One thing I love about Fortnite is the fact that they have characters from all kinds of other games, movies and comic books. In this game you will get to fuck many Fortnite reinterpretations of chicks you’ve always wanted to bang. The game comes with She-Hulk, Catwoman, Ellen Ripley, Wonder Woman, Harley Queen, Lara Croft and so many other cunts. Each of them has a special sex ability that will make fucking them more interesting. I appreciate the creators of this game for not making me pass some kind of quests or play some kind of challenging game to fuck the whores. I can just start the game, pick a slut from the menu, fuck her and then pick another one. The sex is pretty intense with gameplay that offers a lot of liberty over all the things you can do to the sluts. Fuck their ass, their pussy and their throat, make them lick your ass, fuck and cum on their feet, smack their butts or their faces, and have them play with your cum after facial. It’s a truly dirty adventure. 

Play Fortnite Parody In Your Browser, Mofo!

You won’t need anything to play this game. There’s no registration process, no download, no instalment and no extension needed. The only thing you need is a device that can access the internet and an up-to-date browser. Personally, I find using Google Chrome the best way of enjoying the game. The graphics look better somehow. But it does work on any other browser. Even on Microsoft Edge. 

Although the characters are a bit cartoonish, the movement and physics engines will make everything look so realistic. Tits are bouncing, holes stay open and they did wonders with the cum and squirt, which have some amazing fluidity texture. The game is still managed by the creators and every now and then there are new characters added to it. And there are also some rumours saying that they’ll add a futanari option, which means that you’ll be able to turn all these bitches into shemales.


  • Pros

    Many Famous Characters

  • Pros

    Special Sex Powers

  • Pros

    Amazing Physics Engines


  • Cons

    Works Better In Chrome

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