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The content is what sells this fucking place!

Blog porn sites... Some of them are exceptional, others are a waste of time. But don't worry, you have me to tell you what to do and where to head to. Without me, you would be so fucking lost, I know! But the porn sheriff always saves the day! They should give me a fucking medal, or something! Today I will talk about Free Porn Streams, a little fucker that is another porn blog on the web full of 'em! What makes this thing unique? Well, to be honest, I don't really see anything different, but I do like what I see. They have fuck flicks with sexy ladies, 4k movies, some kinky crap you will like if you are into nipple pinching and shit like that... So far, it's good. I hate how every time I click on a button I want to open, a new fucking site opens in another tab! I don't want to see these annoying fuckers, I want to stay on this one and complain about the lame features! 'Cause let's be honest, only the sheriff's site is pure perfection, other sites are just a lame excuse compared to my directory! But I am not saying all porn sites are shitty. They are just shitty compared to mine! Even though some of them are really good, they still need to work hard to make me fall behind. That will happen NE-VAH! Free Porn Streams is OK. I don't like the presentation. I don't like the redirects. I don't like the organisation. But I love the content!

Big-size movies that are delicious and you can download them

Everything looks plain. Nothing makes this place look fabulous, so you have new posts, and you can click on the images to open them and read more. Of course, there's nothing here to read, just watch videos! That's what I like! Ain't nobody got time to read shit, unless it's a sheriff's site review! These files are too fucking large! The lowest quality ones are 800MB, and if you want 4k flicks, prepare to wait long for them to download - these files exceed 3GB! You can stream the movies, or download them right away, and it's very simple. You won't have any complications when you start the process, and you have a collage of images to see the hottest parts of the flick before you even start it. No titles, no info, just a few tags that tell you who the sluts are, and that's it. You have the upload date, which tells me the team behind this site is working all the time. New shit is uploaded every day, and I see flicks uploaded today, and it is still morning! You will always have new videos to play with, with categories on the right side to choose from. I've seen more impressive lists, but they have enough of them. Fisting, lesbians, kinky, hentai, anal, amateur, big boobs, hairy pussies - the basics are here. 


  • Pros

    Advanced search engine

  • Pros

    Phenonemal flicks of high quality

  • Pros

    Various tags to choose from

  • Pros


  • Pros


  • Cons

    Fucking redirects

  • Cons

    The design is simply dull

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