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When it comes to online dating or casual fucking, I've had my fair share of experiences and, among a ton of different places, Fuckbook is definitely the one worth talking about. In this day and age, when everyone has their noses buried in various screens, going online, chatting, watching porn, smart people behind Fuckbook figured out they might as well allow people to fuck via websites. That's how this thing was born. So I, being an avid porn specialist, had to dive in and test the waters myself. Let me tell you; I can't remember the last time I went from saying "Hi" to going balls deep inside a screaming hottie's dripping wet pussy faster. Getting your dick wet on this site is as easy as walking. Hell, I didn't even need to walk, and there was already a horny bitch wanting to take my schlong inside her tight asshole.

A True Social Media Website for Adults

Social media is all the rage these days; I get it. But, over time, all those mainstream sites where you connect with people become boring. It's all pictures of cats and nature, yet a pretty cumface or a wet cunt is nowhere to be found. Luckily, that's where Fuckbook steps in. The registration process is as easy as it gets because the whole point is for you to get laid as fast as possible. I made an account in less than a minute and was already greeted with a much more entertaining homepage than what I was used to. A massive, magnificent, voluptuous ass with the tightest asshole was staring right back at me through the screen. Unironically, the lady was from the same city as me. However, I am a professional when it comes to reviewing dirty porn sites. That's why I resisted the urge to hit the whore up and shove my member balls deep inside that naughty hole. Instead, I kept scrolling, eager to see what else Fuckbook has in store for me.

Easily Connect with Horny and Likeminded Partners

I was browsing the feed for no more than a couple of minutes, and lusty bitches had already started texting me. Whether they've heard of my monster cock, or they were looking for anything to hop on and ride into multiple orgasms, that I did not know. I only realised how refreshing it was not to be on a mainstream site that would ban me for even thinking of fucking the brains out of any slut on my friends list. Naturally, we got into talking, and the rest is history. History written with lots of sticky cum splattered all over a pretty face and big tits of a girl I met mere hours prior. I couldn't wait to get back and wrap this review up. The world needs to know of Fuckbook for all the booty and pussy juice it offers, so go balls deep and fuck anything you lay your eyes on.


  • Pros

    Adult Social Media

  • Pros

    Many Horny Girls

  • Pros

    Hook Up Easily


  • Cons

    Site Has Ads

  • Cons

    There Are Some Bot Accounts

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