Fuck Rabbit Is The Furry Paradise You’ve All Been Waiting For

There’s a place in my town for all kink-heads. No matter what makes you tick and cum, you have a place in my town. And we have a massive furry community here ready to welcome you. For you and for all the furries around, I bring the Fuck Rabbit, the most insane furry fuck game in which everything is about hot bunnies ready to be railed. If you have the bunny fascination too, you will love this game. It comes with so many famous bunny characters from animation movies and cartoons, and with a furry custom builder that will let you create your own hottie and fuck her right under the tail. 

Join This Furry Adventure And Cum On Sexy Whiskers

When it comes to furry kinks, you have all kinks of animals as inspiration for hot anthro babes. This game is only focusing on the anthro chicks that are based on rabbits. And there are some of the hottest bunny sluts in pop culture ready to be fucked in this game. One of the most beloved characters of this game is Judy Hops from the animation movie Zootopia. I must admit that she gets me too. I love the work and details that went into turning the animated character into a cumslut in this game. There are some wild sex scenes with her in this game. You can choose to fuck her or you can go with letting her work her magic on your cock in POV. She has some of the best cowgirl movies I’ve seen. And I should know all about cowgirls riding my cock, as I have a different one doing it to me every day. The game is also bringing Jessica Rabbit, who is by now the goddess of all furry enthusiasts. There are also some anime bunny characters that I know you’ll love too. Explore the many furry sex scenes this game has to offer, tonight!

Play Fuck Rabbit Online On Any Device

This is one of those new sex games that is taking over the world of porn. It’s from the generation that will replace porn movies. And let me tell you something, mofo! I much rather play a porn game than watch a movie. Why watch other fuckers have sex in a video and jerk off to their cock having all the fun. That’s a bit gay if you ask me. I prefer controlling a virtual cock in a sex game and feel like I’m the one who is fucking. Fuck Rabbit offers that experience, and it also offers pleasure for a furry fantasy that so many of us want to live. If you don’t have a wife or a girlfriend willing to be a furry bunny for you, play this game tonight. You can enjoy it with no registration and no strings attached. It works on any device and it’s played directly in the browser. 


  • Pros

    Furry Porn Game

  • Pros

    Famous Furry Characters

  • Pros

    Realistic Sex Experience


  • Cons

    All Furry Chicks Are Rabbit Inspired

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