Fuckunator Is The Sheriff’s Recommendation For Today’s Jerk Off Session 

The sheriff likes it rough, but not all the bitches of my town can take my cock for too long without passing out. That’s usually when I get on the computer or on my phone and play Fuckunator. The virtual cumsluts of this game can take the most brutal dick downs I’ve seen. That’s the beauty of fucking chicks that can’t feel pain because they aren’t real. But they sure seem to be real, and it’s thanks to the new technologies that the creators of this game are using. Now, even if my cock is hard, I’m an old fart, and I don’t know too much about technicalities when it comes to video games. What I know is that Fuckunator is working on any kind of computer and mobile device, directly in the browser, and you don’t have to install or do anything for it. You just need to hit the play button and your dick will instantly get hard at the intro of the whole adventure. 

Your Wife Will Never Let You Fuck Her Like This

The gameplay in Fuckunator is simply amazing. I’ve seen crazy sex games with far fetched kinks, but sometimes they were too farfetched. But in this one, the action looks like it could be reproduced in real life, even though some of the characters are furry chicks or hotties from video games. You get all those kinks you enjoy, from anal fucking, deepthroating, threesomes of both kinds, cum play, toy play and so much more. You also get some celebrity characters such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, the hotties of The Incredibles, babes from World of Warcraft or Overwatch and lots of anime chicks and so many hardcore babes ready to give you some amazing shows. The game is played from first person and third person at the same time with the help of camera control. Basically, you can change from POV to third person view with a push of a button. 

The game also gives you so much gameplay liberty, by letting you control so many aspects of the sex. You can go slow or hard, you can be submissive and let the girls take care of you or turn into a dominator and punish them, and there are some FFM threesomes in which you can have the girls fuck each other while you watch the whole deal. 

Ready To Play It Tonight?

I’m sure you won’t need any free porn tube after you start this game. With a couple of hours of gameplay, depending on how fast you want to cum in each scene, you have all you need for a jerk of session you’ll remember for a long time. Now, although this game can be played on mobile, if you have the chance to play it on a computer with a proper screen, I certainly recommend that. The big screen creates a much more immersive experience that will make you cum like a horse. 


  • Pros

    Unreal Graphics

  • Pros

    Sexy Cum Loving Bitches

  • Pros

    Crazy Sound Effects


  • Cons

    No Character Customisation

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